Friends of the Run

Over the year countless people have held the torch and offered their goodwill. Here are just a few of the prominent individuals who have offered their encouragement and shared their hopes and dreams for a more harmonious world.

Notable Canadians

Government officials, education leaders, athletes and artists celebrate the Peace Run in Canada.

Political Leaders

Numerous political leaders have held the torch and offered their support.

Religious Leaders

See some of the religious leaders who have blessed the torch.

Actors and Musicians

Entertainers who have offered their valuable support.

Champion Athletes

See all the world class athletes who have lent their support to the run.

Diplomatic Community

We have been honoured by the participation and kind support of many from the Diplomatic Community.

Humanitarian Friends

Humanitarians come together in support of the run.

Latest reports from Canada - 2020

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Latest reports - around the world:

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