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Message the Team

Send a message to the team. We'd LOVE to hear from you! Below are some recent messages...

Hi Team, Thanks so much for coming to Montreal and sharing your peaceful message with our city! You inspired many children and adults who held the Peace Torch to add their aspirations for a more peaceful world! Sending energy and love for your last week on an amazing odyssey!☮✌️💜👏


Happy running for peace


Hi, there i have a picture of you stop in brantford ontario 2016 not sure email works but addy does 144 grandriver ave brantford ontario happy running for peace


Thanks again for today! this is Fr. Jonathan. i loved everything about it. hope the rest of the day went well. talk to you soon. peace


Ladies, thank you so much for including me in 4.5km of your run on the side of the Ottawa river. I feel blessed and privileged to have met such a wonderful group of women. Your energy and happiness is contagious and I have no doubt that each step you make around the world will make a difference to make it a better place for everyone. You have inspired me to take on new challenges and maybe join your team sometimes in the next few years.... Let me know where you are tomorrow, I may join you again!!!! All the best and keep your amazing smiles!

Natalie Giroux

My thoughts are with you all on your Peace run as you leave Minniapolis heading toward Chicago.The beautiful energy that you all spread and share on your paths are inspiring and heartfelt. Pierre my thoughts and prayers are especially with you and your countrymen, women and children and the entire world as we connect with empathy and Healing.Blessings to you all.. Walking in Peace.


Thanks for the pictures and information for the website. We are happy to help out. Have a great run!! My best,


Hi Winnipeg! from Argenta B.C. To my home city and home centre. What great photos and a wonderful Peace events journey. You are all fantastic, enthusiastic,peace spreaders, and joy inspirers. Tuula You lift everyone up.

Tuula Gross


After I told Fred Penner about Annapurna he sent me another message saying that he has eaten there many, many times. No wonder he was tuned into our vibe:)


Yay team!! I miss being there, and I am so grateful that you blessed our center with your joy, light and enthusiasm! Fred Penner contacted me today to thank the team again for our meeting, and he wants to meet with you again on the 29th in Toronto. I've contacted the Toronto folks to see what is possible, and I sent him a link to the restaurant. Hopefully you'll all meet up again soon! Thanks again for everything!


Thank you very much for coming by the Saskatoon YMCA. The children in the day camp loved the experience. The staff and volunteers really appreciated you as well. Take care.

Dean Dodge

Your group is inspirational to many of us looking in. Thank you for the great opportunity to support you along the way. It was a pleasure meeting all of you even for a short time. Cheers, Gord from Saskatoon.

Gordon Hirschfeld

It was wonderful to meet the team at Riley Park in Calgary yesterday. Thank you for all you do to promote peace and oneness. You are truly inspiring. Thanks also for the lovely Canada song, melodic and amusing. Long may you run!

Laurel, Vulcan, Alberta

Do you run all the time? Thank you for running for peace.

LADARUIS, Dyersburg, Tennessee.

Hope you guys find some peace and quiet...Have a nice day.

Jasten, Dyersburg, Tennessee.

Dear peace run i love your pictures.

Andrea, Dyersburg, Tennessee.

Thank you for coming to our school and for also coming to our little city

Your Pal,

Good running . Think's for coming to DIS.:)

Austin, Dyersburg, Tennessee.

Very happy to see all the Peace Runners reports and photos almost everyday!
Also I am so excited to see Tavishi running the North American Peace Run again for the second time! When will you join the Peace Run in Bali? :)

Kanyaka, Bali

It was such a pleasure and honor running with you gentlemen through Covington, TN. Thank you for your message and inspiration. Stay safe, and see ya next time!


I am very glad Mississippi offered you the highest level of Hospitality today as our way of living Magnolia(ly) is a personal experience.


Hello, on Friday, May 6, 2016 the Peace Run came to our school Council Traditional in Mobile, Al. It was a pleasure seeing you all again. I am a Spanish teacher at the school. Thank you for your time and your kindness.

Sandra Muncy

I love the idea of a global event that inspires peace in every corner of our world. I'd be honored for such an event to travel to New Jersey!


I was so happy to see your runner pass through Pensacola today running north on Scenic Highway. Photo posted @theliteratetedneck (thats me) if I cannot attach. Good luck to all participants!


We got to see you yesterday (05/01/2016) on Hwy 17 in Yulee Florida..We were selling Peanuts at our peanut stand and took pictures with you...God Bless and Have a Safe Journey.

Kenneth and Wanda

It was enlighting to meet your team at the beginning of your walk at the Savannah waterfront on 4-29-16. David Bowman and I were thrilled to provide info to you'all about Savannah. Good luck on your American tour.


Hi Runners for Peace,

What an incredible journey you have undertaken. I will be looking for you on Bristol Rd tomorrow as you approach the City of Brotherly Love.

Always onward... for PEACE.



This email is long coming and is for the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run RV. When I saw the photo of you with so many happy people on the West Coast I jumped for joy! What an incredible accomplishment and now you have made it all the way back across America to NY. Your service to the run and to all you meet is unconditionally good and great! We are all so proud of you, dear and strong Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run RV!!!!!!!!!!!
a proud friend,

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting part of your team running through Deep River Ct. today. They were running up 80 by the ponds near the stop sign. I took pictures of them and had some taken of me by the driver with the team even got to hold the torch. I forgot to get a selfie of me with you wonderful group...I wish you success and a healthy safe run. Peace is such a wonderful thing I just wish it were obtainable for all...May God keep you all safe. Peace I posted your photos on my facebook it was an honor to meet you and you made my day.

Donna Clark

Arpan, Dennis, Mahasatya, Sandro---So happy to see you in your final days. You were all such an inspiration to me in California and the West Coast and now seeing you all at the end of your epic journey through North America gives me joy! See you Soon!


Wonderful photos of beautiful Vermont, especially of the chipmunk! I certainly enjoyed your being here! Thank you!
Enjoy your last few days.
In gratitude,

Welcome back. Congratulations for making the long journey love and peace.

Srutavinda and Subhamaya

Sorry I couldn't be at the farm with Julie to welcome the Peace Run Team. It is always a celebration when you run into Vermont.

Thank you for your heroic sacrifice to spread the vision of Peace. We can feel your hearts presence here at the farm, long after you have continued down the road.

See you in New York!


 Hello to Tavishi from Australia. And a big hi and welcome to the team to Kanyaka and Sweta from Hridayinee and Suhashini in New York. See you again upon the teams return here on the 15th August. Have a wonderful Peace Run journey!

We finally got word that you were rushing off to Keene, New Hampshire. We're sorry we missed you! A crowd of us were ready with peace music blaring in downtown Brattleboro, Vermont. We had a great time anyway; we talked about peace, played peace games and passed our own peace torch (which happened to be a phone!). Thank you for what you are doing.

 Your runner ran through Kennebunk, Maine a few minutes ago.

I have a short video.

If you would like to share an image:    http://www.peacerun.org/static/media/forms/d4f0ba97-28f5-4b79-98aa-bcc4d458bb38/Screenshot%20from%202014-08-10%2014%3A31%3A38.png

Thanks so much to the Peace Run team for coming to Quebec and Montreal . We are so happy that the Peace Torch was able to be shared with so many! It was a pleasure having you visit us, and getting to meet so many inspiring runners from so many countries! Please come back to visit any time. Thank you, merci, gracias grazie, spasiba 😄✌️💜peace, paix, pace, mir, heiwa, salam, shalom! Devaki and Vidura Groulx - Montreal. 

It was lovely to see you all at Ottawa yesterday. I think the Peace Run initiative is very positive and inspire all who see it, especially children.


Sooo good to see you all with those Happy faces!!! Congratulations for this wonderful job! (Also good to see Aparanji shining).
Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you team David can be little part of your run. We're so proud of you. God bless you and have a safe finish on your peace run ... We'll watch every day of your run till finish.

David and family

Proud of all of you.....Great pictures.. .GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.  Your pictures tell me how the people perceive the peace run...the expressions , the smiles....the pictures tell me how you feel...wonderful job...hi to my brother ARPAN...please...hope see you soon to have lunch.
 Mario from NY

It was a pleasure to see the Peace team run through Harbor Country Michigan taking time to stop in New Buffalo, sharing singing and painting leaving us sure that one day strong wills of gentle souls may one day take over the world. God speed through our beautiful World.

dee dee

 Loved seeing all the GREAT peace runners in my home town of Minneapolis--city of lakes and a great creek...Minnehaha. You have come so far since I last saw you in Vancouver. I had so much fun on the Peace Run with all of you and I won't forget it! You are doing a fantastic job of spreading LIGHT throughout the USA and Canada!!


Just last night I got back home after spending a month on the road. As I was running through different places and meeting so many children and grown-ups I could see how diverse this planet of ours is. Yet, we all have the common yearning for the more joyful and peaceful world.
I am really grateful to the team for being so awesome and to all the people I met on the way for all the kindness, good wishes and cheers.
Thank you North America!
Thank you PEACE RUN!


 I just drove past three amazing runners! So wonderful till see you in Rice, Mn!!!! So glad to see you here in small town Minnesota!!!!


What an inspiring group you are! Thank you so much for stopping in Park Rapids on your trek. The kids and I from Century Adventures thank you for visiting and sharing with us.


Hello Peace Runners,

The selfie competition is no competition at all, "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" definitely takes the cake.

I am missing you all and the road! (Running without the torch just isn't the same)

Enjoy Saskatchewan and stay dry.


 Hey boys
Miss you all!
From your Selfie i would vote -for 100 % non GMO combining the names of boys -
Denis The Good , Jatkara The Bad ,Arpan The ugly! First place
Second place i would give to -The cowboy shot.
Keep it up!
You all look Great !!!!


We are all voting (our team) for the tech-assisted 'selfie' of Kaneenika, Savita and Prapti. Great pics everyone!!


 Hello everyone :)))! I have been following you and remembering all the beautiful places in BC and Alberta. Nice photos! You guys are having too much fun;)....the best selfie? It is very hard to decide; they are all unique, cute and funny...but if I have to really choose 100% non GMO is #1....and I really want to know the finals from "Good, bad and ugly"!!!
Keep up the good work!...not in selfies, but in running....or perhaps both?! haha


Your Selfie competition on †he 8th of July is so hilarious! It made me laugh a lot! I like the 100% non GMO team members, the Good The Bad and The Ugly, the tech-assisted version of the selfie and also the cool cowboys! I think they are all great and someone should buy you a big jug of ice cream as a reward! Thanks for the joy!

 Hi team. Keep up the good work! I just wanted to vote on the selfie photo contest. I vote for the 'Good, Bad and the Ugly' I think its in the right order... Santiva

 I vote for the new-cd-cover like photo: http://www.peacerun.org/ca/news/2014/0708/808/gallery/#37
It looks as if Sandro has just returned from 4 hour faerie walk wandering among flowers, his head in the sky, Mahasatya after 3 weeks on a Neera diet, and Salil grabbing all fame for himself! Nice shot and editing, though :)


......definitely 'The Good The Bad and The Ugly'.


Hey I'm that friendly biker - http://www.peacerun.org/us/news/2014/0615/589/
I'll try to link your site to ranckle.tumblr.com - my travelogue.

Great meeting you. Good luck with the rest of the run.


Peace Run Team Family,

Thank you so much for spreading Peace June 26th and for including Russ and I in your inspiring activities from Port Townsend to Port Angeles WA. Stota and Abanna your plans offered beautiful fruits in both cities and all along the way. You both are amazing. We loved it! This was my birthday celebration this year and thank you for letting me help with giving out water to the runners a few times, especially thanks to Rupasi. I especially enjoyed seeing the children add their wishes for World Peace to the millions of other's wishes who have held the Peace Torch. I loved hearing Daulot and Arpan and all the others talk to all the children. Hearing the bright kids so cleverly guess where we were all from, all the "countries", like NY, Seattle, San Diego, Mongolia, Austria, Poland, Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia ... I hope I didn't forget anyone... winning the contest so we "had" to sing to the children was so fun! Singing the Peace Run song again was a joy! Thank you for the Mexican Birthday Dinner Stota and Daulot and everyone who joined us. And thank you Nayak for being part of this special day by calling just as all the inspiring Port Angeles events concluded the day, to thank me for being born (always your special way of saying Happy Birthday).

Peace Runners, have a great time in lovely Victoria Canada and on Galiano Island at the Peace Statue. I wish I could be there with you.

Love to you all,
... Keep Dreaming of Peace for all our 7 Billion Brothers and Sisters. Keep smiling with the children!

Your sister, 100 miles south of Port Angeles, Julie

 Hi to THE team!
As you make your way to Canada, you carry this symbol of peace between our nations and all the nations of our fragile world. This uplifting message that you bring with you, in your hearts and in your every-day steps for peace brings hope to all the generations of today, young and older alike.
Desmond Tutu's quote surely applies to this run as it was addressed to its founder Sri Chinmoy: "Perhaps the world continues in existence only because of people like yourselves who help to hold it in being".
Happy running. Peace to all. Happiest Canada and USA celebrations. And welcome to Canada !


Hi Runners! Great seeing you in my home state of Oregon--can't wait to see you in Washington!
Love seeing all the pictures in the reports, glad you went to the format that allows you to add so many more pictures, especially of all the wonderful world-servers in Portland!

See you soon!


 Dear Runners,

I am so fortunate to be part of the North American Peace Run team 2014 from St. Louis to San Francisco!
Thank you so much for your daring enthusiasm and oneness.
The outer journey, I will always remember and cherish.
The inner journey, I will always treasure forever.
Keep running, keep smiling, and see you soon very soon in NY.


It is so nice to see you all beaming and running up the West Coast!
There are so many great photos, and it is truly inspiring to follow the blog.
Your heart's joy shines through those bright smiles.
I ran from San Francisco to New York with the Peace Run in 1987, (which makes me sound really old!) and I can't believe Arpan is still the team captain, as he was back then! Way to go, Bro! I hope you enjoy the places I coordinated - Portland, OR and Southern WA, which come up in a few days. Give 'em heck, Palash! Congrats to Kaneenika, after the 10 Day race, this must be like a walk in the park!
Love, Peace and Joy,

 Hi Team,

It was so great to spend the day with you all in San Francisco. It was such a positive lift which I am still treasuring and I won't forget anytime soon. Keep up the wonderful work and hope to see you all again in the near future.

Happy running!!


Hello to everyone on the team! I had such a good time on the Peace Run for the last three weeks, it was hard to leave. I enjoyed everything starting with running through the beautiful countryside, friendly people, super excited children and a great team. On the Peace Run one forgets about all the small problems of life and begins to feel the world expanding and expanding, one can feel a sence of freedom and joy. Wishing you happy running and blisful spreading of peace! See you somewhere in Canada.

 Hello everyone! Just got back from Father's day weekend in NY. The 3100 mile race is on!
Thank you so much for being such a wonderful team :)!!! I had such a nice time on the run. I already miss you all and the life on the road with everyday new experiences. All the best to you all in spreading the inspiring and beautiful message of Peace Run. See you in Ontario :)


Congratulations on your message of peace. Keep up the good work.


 Hi to the runners-for-peace A++Team! We follow u day by day through your amazing photos + reports. Wow, what an exciting run! You will have a full evening of slide show during August! All is great in Ottawa. Baladev - Medur have reached NYC today, for Baladev to start the 3100 challenge. Our hearts are with you all; keep up the great spirit!  Please bring with u some of that home-made ice cream for local consumption !!


Hello Manoshri and Gautami!

You are really missed here at home, but it's okay because the world needs you :-). I hope that you've had a good start to the run the past few days, I wish you very well.


Untuk Suhasini aku sangat bangga kamu mewakili Indonesia khususnya Bali di acara Peace Run disana.
Aku akan selalu merindukanmu ada di Bali.
Tetap semangat dan salam sama semua pelari dan terutama Harita terima kasih atas undangannya untuk aku ikut juga berpartisipasi nanti selama seminggu di bulan Agustus. Sampai ketemu segera!


 I was honored to meet Harita and Anna, quite by chance, in Hermosa Beach. I was quite taken with Harita's amazing swimming/bodysurfing and introduced myself. Both young women are so charming and inspirational. Good luck to them and all the athletes!

San Diego

To all the runners, A huge THANK YOU from Serbia! You all radiate incredible joy and oneness. Gorgeous and breathtaking scenery, amazing people on the road and immense inspiration every day make my day. The world looks like a much better place! I wish you smooth and delightful rest of the Run. You all are truely a shining example!
Once again THANK YOU and keep going, dear sisters and brothers


 Hello, Peace Run Team and Peace-Dreamers!

Thank you all so much for the great memories and happy times I shared with you during my time on the run! And equal thanks to everyone I met on the way who encouraged me, gave me water, or expressed their own wishes for humanity. The vision of the Peace Run is clearly universal. What a perfect way to unite the world! Please continue spreading your sincere goodwill, determination and commitments to peace.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Pranlobha, Seattle WA

 I really enjoyed seeing the Peace Run in Long Beach, California! I had just read about it in the the Grunion Gazette, and there he was, a vibrant, healthy Mahasatya Jancza, from Poland, running north at the Marina, on Pacific Coast Highway. I got out of my vehicle and cheered and jumped up and down! Peace Be With you~ We say at my church. Let's RUN the words~

Mary Anne

 My wife Iolanda had the opportunity today June 7th to meet the team at the self realization center in Encinitas California and join in on a peace meditation with them . A young lady from Russia let us hold the torch and took pictures.

What a great event this was and so encourged after meeting all of you.


Dear Peace Runners in the US.
Greetings from the Faroe Islands Peace Run. We were just enjoying the beautiful photos from the US run and feeling the shared joy through them.

Keep enjoying your journey and sharing your peace.

Love to all,
Faroe Islands Peace Run team,
Kagni, Laufey, Zuzana and the boys

 Amazing pictures!!! We were very glad to have stopped to chit chat with you all!!! Seeing photos from the peace run route and other countries is truly showing oneness!!!! Peace!!!

Marci F.

 Looking good guys! Especially Harita! Keep up the great running.--Ali

Congratulations on sharing the spirit of the Peace Run so well with us all. The joy and happiness and peace expressed by the Team and all you meet jumps right out of the pictures and into my heart. Wonderful! Gratitude

 Dear Peace Run team! Be ready for some swimmers to join!

At least water temps will be a bit higher than in Iceland :)

Enjoy! - Vasanti

THANK YOU for sharing your message of peace with the community of Pagosa Springs! Your visit had a positive affect on so many of us, both young and old. May your steps be light, your strides be long, and may peace run alongside you on your journey.

Sending smiles,



Just returned from a brief and very active weekend in San Diego - and all I can tell you - EVERYBODY in San Diego is really excited to welcome you later tonight. So is Los Angeles, of course, even though we still have to wait a whole week before we can welcome you.
Your pictures and your stories are so heart warming, your smiles and the energy that radiates from the pages so awesome, can't wait to see you all. In the meantime --- a big, bigger, biggest GRATITUDE to all of you. Bigalita

 You guys rock!
Drink lots of water!
You look so sun-kissed and strong.
We love the email photos!
your other mom,

Nancy R.

Hello to all runners - messengers of love and peace!

SO-o-o-o wonderful to watch your reports with amazingly beautiful pictures. Looking at your eyes and smiles is enough to start smiling too :-) and to feel joy that radiates from your hearts!


Jayasalini, RU

 Hi Bashata,

Nice to see you at the Peace Run. We are already preparing ourselves for the European Final in Belgrade, and watching Peace Run Teams all over the world is the way how to stay isnpired.
Say hello to girls, Pranloba, Manoshri, Harita, and boys too.

Have a nice time and lucky running, love

Hey everyone!I just received your card in the mail -- thank you so much! While I'm at home with my broken ankle, I'll be living vicariously through all of your adventures out on the road on the Peace Run. Have an amazing time in San Diego!

Best wishes to the Peace Run team,

 Dear Peace Runners... whoever is posting is the news is doing an Awesome job! Capital A! The photos and stories make me feel like I'm there with you all and we at Peace Garden are checking the news all the time...that fur hat really suits you Manoshri...you should bring it back to Canada for our FREEZING winters....you would never be cold again...and the lamb! Omg cute!!! Hope you are all eating enough ....it looks likw the peace run is spreading so much joy! Thanks for the inspiration!

Pushpa rani

 Hi Everybody,

It looks like a great adventure out there. I can feel the Peace and Happiness.

Keep it Real!


To Harita - loved the photos--the cliff village would have been special to visit.
Do you listen to cowboy music when you run through Utah? guess no
Bet you miss the sea and expanses of water.
How can people thrive so far from the sea-us dolphin kiwis find this a challenge.

Hugs and love from dad

Hello Runners!

You are all looking so vibrant and happy and the scenery looks incredible, wow! Am living vicariously through you until I join the run next month (can't wait!). Manoshri, I was so jealous that you got to hold that adorable lamb :) So nice to see you all spreading the message and the smiles, it looks like you are meeting such nice people. Wishing you all health, happiness and unforgettable moments.

Lots of love, Brahmata (Canada)

Click here to see Brahmata's inspired artwork.

We await your return to the land of the Hopis and The Navajos. Be safe as you all make your way here.


 Hi to your new team member, Mahasatya from the UK, the isle of kings, soon to be separated from Scotland. And yeah also to the others, i mean everyone on the team should be greeted. There is far more that unites us, then divides us. Cheers.

Matthias, Germany

My name is Renee  and I was blessed to wait on Arpan this morning at City Market in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I enjoyed hearing about your travel. I wish you all a very safe journey on your Peace Run. I hope you had a wonderful stay in our little town.

 Renee, CO

 Hi Everyone,
Thanks so much for a great time on the run!
Just looked at yesterday's activities and feeling a little nostalgic. The places you are passing look beautiful.
All my best wishes to everybody,

Chetana, NY

Hi everybody!!!!!Good run and stay healthy.How is it going, Harita?:))
Special hi to Manoshri and Gautami! And Suhashini!!!!So nice to see you on the road of great America!!!!!!Hope to see you soon!!

Ratuja, Belarus

Hi from New Zealand to Harita, Pranlobha and all the running heroes :) It's so inspiring to see the Peace Run every day with all the beautiful photos and smiles all around. Each day is a new journey covering not only the physical distance travelled but the length and breadth of the world with peace and light. As I write this message in the winter's night looking towards you over the sleeping Pacific Ocean I can imagine the flaming torch beaming out its warmth, kindling hearts around the globe. Lots of joy to everyone!

Emily, New Zealand

I am so proud of all of you! See you in California in a few days. The Pacific Ocean is calling you.

Jennifer, CA

Cheers and high-fives to you all! The dream is unfolding smile by smile. I just love seeing every single face and every peace prayer. Keep it up!

Kaushalya, Canada

So great to meet you all in Santa Fe. Keep up the good running for such a good cause! Peace to all and all of us, one!

Lonnie, NM

Hi Arpan and all the running heroes! Best to you all on this incredible journey of peace all over North America. You now have our best runners from Ottawa on the team!! The rest of us are with you in spirit, awaiting your visit here. The Source of this energy that you share, this message of oneness-peace, is writing a new chapter in history. Happiii running!

Utsahi, Canada

Texmex, texmex, texmex. Greetings and have a good stay under the desert heat. And greetings and wishes and hopes and dreams. May they all be fullfilled.

Matthias, Germany

You all look like you are having such a wonderful time, enjoying the run through beautiful countryside and nature. Keep up the good work!
We are up in Vermont. Hope to see you all when the Run passes through.
With our love ,

Hi, Team!!! Miss you already, have checked the report and its so strange not to be there. Will be following you every day! Thinking of the Peace Run journey with you brings up a sweet feeling. Thank you so much for being such wonderful team members.

Love, Vera (Russia/New Zealand)

Dear runners, Divine Heroes! I wish you joy and good health on the road. Special greetings to my sister Bashata. Best wishes from Serbia.


I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the runners west of Tulsa, OK on Thursday May 22nd. The idea of a peace run is fantastic. It appears you are opening hearts as you go along.


Tom, US

Hello Peace Run North America! I fell a little behind so I am just getting caught up with you in St. Louis! Everyone is looking so strong ... continuing to share Peace and Harmony in North America in such a meaningful way. I'm sending a special shout-out to the girls team!! Sending prayers wishes for a continued safe journey. You are accomplishing what others only dream to do --- spread peace in a very tangible way ... Til the next message.

Lunthita, US

Hi Arpan and team! Can't wait to see you all in San Diego!! We are looking forward to it. Keep up the good running and smiles through America's Heartland!

Pujari, San Diego

Untuk Suhasini, tetap jaga kondisi dan tetap semangat larinya ya! :)
Salam dari Bali untuk semua pelarinya terutama Harita dan Chetana.

Kanyaka, Bali

Be a true friend
Of your own heart.
Lo and behold,
All will befriend you. Sri Chinmoy.

Good job runners!!!!
I’m so happy to see you in Peace Run site!

Apara, from Brazil

Hello to my Kiwi friends Harita and Vera. A big hello to new team member Suhasini. Glad to hear you made it there :) Wishing you all a wonderful, joy-filled, peace-sharing, blissful time on the US Peace Run. Love from New Zealand!!


I just saw your van in Lawrence,Kansas. I was on my way home from a long trail run or I would've stopped. Now, after seeing what it is, I'm sorry I didn't. I wish you all the best.

Allen, MO

Thanks to all the runners for inspiration and amazing pictures.
You are the real heroes. We look forward to meeting with the team in Windsor
See you soon.

Igor & Anna, Russia

It was great to chat with your runner when she came through Sedalia, Mo on May 18, 2014.
May Peace Follow you all on your adventures! (see Kevin's photo)

Kevin, MO

Arpan, Thank you so much for allowing us to visit your campsite earlier today. It was an absoute privilege, and well worth the couple of hours driven just to shake hands with you and your team. Until today, we had not heard about your organization. For certain, your mission and selflessness to promote peace, is admirable and quite humbling. All our best. ~

Maria, John & Joseph, MO

Just passed some runners on 50 Hwy heading towards KC, MO! Safe running!!!!!!

Dawn, MO

Cathy Oerter and I are together looking at the beautiful pictures of peace! Thank you for the amazing energy that reaches out through this site and straight to our hearts! I look forward to meeting you in LA!

Kimberly, LA

It's an inspiration to be part of the PEACE RUN! And it shows. Thanks for spreading the light, good luck, and I pray for your legs to be strong, your meals to be nourishing, and your days to be filled with joy. Gratitude***

Jagadhata, NY

Yesterday, two of your wonderful Peace Run runners came through Bardwell, Kentucky. Arpan DeAngelo, from New York City, and Sandro Zincarini, from Italy, were so very considerate, allowing me to photograph and giving me a brochure. The photos and an article will appear in next week's issue of Carlisle Weekly. Thank you for your wonderful organization!


Hi. I'm 13 and I think I saw you running in Newbern Tennessee. Thanks for the wave. Way to go!


Hey Team!! Thank so much for my card, I deeply appreciate it from the whole team. San Diego is really looking forward and gearing up for your arrival! We do have some great events planned (and also some quality free time :-) We are off to Borrego Springs for joy days this weekend. Pujari has put together quite a plan for us out in the blazing desert! Keep shinning brilliantly out there!




Hello my dear runner friends. Thank you for the opportunity to run for peace. As always each child's face brings its own special inspiration. I have been thinking of you all and send my love.

Cathy Oerter

Hello again peace run team I just wanted to say thank you for responding when I wrote you the poem I'm happy you enjoyed it and I have a question' are you all going to Albania for the peace run? I was just wondering because my parents are from there.


From the Team: Hi Fabiola, nice to hear from you again. Yes we did go to Albania and here is the report from that day.

I just read about your wonderful visit to Tampa Bay and am immensely inspired! I am so happy that Cathy Oerter was with you also. She is so wonderful with children! Thank you!!!


Our family is traveling home down Hwy 49N and have passed several of your runners. Hats off to all of you, and may there be Peace on Earth....

The McKinney's

Dear Peace Runners, I gained so much being a part of the team this week. Now, viewing the events and visiting the site, I get to relive these precious moments all over again. I continue to wish you all the best. My prayers are with you for a continued safe, peaceful, inspiring, joyful, and fulfilling journey. What youbare doing is definitely making a difference in the lives of all you meet-- from student to principal, from worker to restaurant owner, from traffic police to mayor ... You help us to really feel that we are one family. Til the next message ... :)


Hello Team, Great job! Special greetings to Denis. I wish you inspiring and fulfiling run, my friend. Best wishes from Bulgaria.


Here's the link to the story that aired in Hattiesburg tonight when.


Dear Peace Run Team, my class all sent you poems when you were at my school but I was sick the day that u came so now I will right you a poem.

When will there ever be peace ?
No more dying, war, and hatred.
All loving to each and everyone
For that is the way God intended It to be.
No more suffering, no more pain when will all these formal things go away?


Brothers and sisters you are doing fantastic job...I am proud of all of you...I wish I can run one of this days with the team....A big hug for all of you...Brother ARPAN ...you are the beeeeeeest


Hi Peace Runners thank you for the inspiration you gave me. Keep running and smiling. A big Ciao to my Italians brothers: Sandro and Arpan. Runningly,


Hi to the team all the way from Australia! Have been following the Peace Run as you have made your way to FL. It looks so wonderful, seeing all the smiling faces warms the heart on these cold winter days here in Australia. I look forward to following your progress over the next 3 months! Make sure Harita is kept real busy, I hear she has lots of spare time ;-)


We just had the Euorpean Peace Run in Switzerland. Can't get enough of good news from all of you and around the world from the Road! Thanks for the daily reports.


Saw the runners today in South Alabama and just learned of your organization! What a wonderful way to promote peace and friendship around the world! Hat tip to all involved in this vision!


Hello runners!! It was so wonderful meeting you all and joining you on the run from Pensacola, Florida to Robertsdale, Alabama. You are such an inspiration and a group of uplifting people. I'm so glad I could be a part of it with you! Safe travels!!


hello dear runners!!!! pictures look amazing, your journey is inspiring! big smile from New Zealand!


Hi to the Team from Iceland. Great to see all the pictures and follow up on your progress. With so many great cooks on the Team the meals must be a real treat! Keep up the good work!


yehooo springs! So beautiful...I was there about 15 years ago when I spent some time in Tampa. At that time there were also cute maneetees. Well anyway it is a great joy to follow your journey! Special greetings to Abhejali!


Runners, It was great to have you in Orlando/Lake Mary and spend a couple of day's with you. Thank you so much for what you are doing, it is very inspiring. Good luck on the rest of your journey.


I am hoping to see and run with the runners and the children there in August


Harita and all the awesome Peace Runners! Thank you for all you are doing on the road in America. It is enormously inspiring and humbling to follow your activities via the Peace Run website each day. We look forward to welcoming you to San Diego in a few short weeks. Best,


Dear Peace Runners, Thank you so so much for all your selfless service you are offering. I follow you online from the very first day. Thanks a lot for all your great photos and comments. It brings me back all the sweet memories of the Peace Run in the USA I took part in 2 years ago. The work you are doing for the world's peace is so so important...Keep going!!! On your way I wish you lots of open hearts, peaceful minds, perfect running weather, inspired and inspiring people, effortless running, and most of all lots of peace and joy. With all my gratitude


Hi Guys! Hope your having a good time. I'm jealous of your warm water swimming! We are just preparing for the UK Peace Run the European Team will be here next week. Regards,


Dear Peace-Runners, good job spreading all this light. Keep it up. Hello Dr. D (Dennis)! how is it going. Hope you enjoy the run. Your smiles say: Yes! All the best to you all and happy peace spreading.


Hope all is well. I always look forward to see where you will be each day.Beautiful and as always wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing best wishes to the whole team.


Hi, you all are great!!! Have fun and take care!


Hi team, Judging from your great photos it seems that you are happy, well and having fun. Keep running and we are looking forward to seeing you on the west coast in June. I can't believe you will be running there! Lots of love from the Sunny Canary Island of La Palma,

Prasasta and Vajin

Looking good! Well done all of you but particularly Harita! Glad to see you managed to catch a few "bodies" on the way. All the best,

Ali Davies

Hi Peace Runners.. It is great to see you on the road.... happy days, you are all looking terrific! It is hard to believe you will be arriving in Seattle end of June... so many more miles to run. Thank you and ENJOY!


Hello Peace Run Runners We are so excited to see you all traveling from place to place interacting with people and spreading the message of Peace to everywhere you go. May God Bless you all in everything you do and your travels.

Daniel and Claudia

Hey, great going Team! Awesome inspiration. Keep up the smiles and miles.


Keep up your good energy & power legs, Peace Runners!


Hi runners - best wishes from Germany! Very inspiring to follow your footsteps through the US while organising some part in Europe. The world is eager to receive and feel the message and the light of the torch! It is so great to see all the kids sharing their wishes for peace and oneness and putting them into the torch! Enjoy your journey, don`t get lost - and thanks for the great daily updates!


Hey all! Following you on your way over to the west coast! I'm just about to head to Yosemite and do some camping before I hike the Pacific Crest Trail back up to my hometown of Eugene, OR. And once you get up here I'll head on the road and lighten your load by running a good amount of miles for ya. Can't wait! ya'll looking good so far. Keep it up!


Hello, I had accidentally come across your organization and was immediately inspired! I, myself, try my hardest with each passing day to advocate for peace. I also am a very active and healthy person who focuses on not only physical but mental health as well. Thank you so much for spreading Sri Chinmoy message across the world! Namaste.


Thank you for contributing and sacrificing your time for World Peace! God Bless You!


Hi Arpan and all the team, I read your repports every day and I like all your photos, keep running and smiling. Thank you.