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Peace Run Serving the g7+ english

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g7+ Eminent Person Xanana Gusmão joins with Timorese Leaders to hold the Peace Torch

1. Introduction

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run is a global torch relay that embodies humanity's universal aspiration for peace. Since its inception in 1987 the Run has traversed over 160 nations and territories and touched the lives of millions of people. The Peace Run strives to create goodwill among peoples of all nations.
 The Peace Run was founded by Dreamer of World Peace Sri Chinmoy as a way to bring a dynamic spirit of global friendship and harmony through running to people of all nationalities, ages and faiths.

a. How does it work - Runners carry a torch – the Peace Torch. As the torch is passed from hand to hand, from person to person, from nation to nation, each citizen of the world has the opportunity to carry the flame, to take a step for peace and to feel their oneness with the universal aspiration shared by children, women and men around the globe. Through the Peace Run everyone can give expression to their own highest hopes and dreams for a more peaceful world.

b. How to Join – Participation is simple. We have Peace Run volunteers who are willing and eager to bring the Peace Torch to your country. If you would like to have the Peace Run in your country please complete the Response Form below. We will work with you to create an event and will send some of our volunteers to represent the Peace Run in your country. Please understand that we are a grassroots organization without major sponsorships or big budgets. We find simple yet heartfelt events are the key to maintaining the purity and beauty of the experience as it was envisioned by our founder Sri Chinmoy.

Students from Solomon Islands hold the torch

2. Organizing a Peace Run 

Community involvement and participation is the key element for the Peace Run.

European Team welcomed at the Czech Senate

a. High Level Opening – Country leaders can welcome the Peace Run and light the torch. A children’s choir can perform, leaders and elite athletes can carry the torch for a symbolic walk (500m). Children receive the torch from the national leaders. National media would be invited to cover the event.

Students pass the torch at a Peace Run school presentation in Cabo Verde

b. School Visits – Our visiting international team will offer fun, inspiring and educational presentations about the Peace Run focusing on inner peace. Student's are invited to share their reflections on peace through cultural and artistic performances such as music, dance, spoken word as well as painting and drawing. We invite athletes and performers to join our team as we lead presentations at schools.

g7+ Eminent Person Xanana Gusmão joins Timorese citizens in 5 km Peace Walk/Run

c. Community Run/Walk – Community organizations and individuals are invited to participate in a 5 km run/walk joining national leaders and elite athletes in celebrating the community’s yearning for peace. The event could culminate with music and dance.

Balinese Peace Runner, Putu Ekawati, is interviewed by Larry Potash on WGN-TV Morning News in Chicago

d. Media – TV, radio and newspaper coverage is very supportive as it amplifies the message and spirit, driving interest and encouraging community participation and engagement.

7000 pieces of children’s artwork from over 35 nations circles the Colosseum in Rome

3. Colours of Peace – September 21 celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peace

In collaboration with the administrating organization of the Colosseum in Rome we have created an exhibition of 7000 pieces of children’s artwork from over 35 nations. Each year, on September 21, this exhibit encircles the Colosseum inspiring tourists and Romans alike.

a. We invite you to join “Colours of Peace at the Colosseum” by submitting a selection of 20 works of art for display. We will provide necessary "How to" information to your focal point.
b. We invite you to host your own “Colours of Peace in the Parliaments” an exhibition of 100 Peace-Drawings by children from 100 countries, to be held simultaneously on September 21 in Parliaments around the world to celebrate the UN International Day of Peace. The Peace Run will provide the Peace-Drawings and some text presentation that could be adapted in accordance with the message of each parliament. The exhibition could be supplemented by artwork from children in your country.

4. Budgets and Financial Matters

a. We are a grassroots event and have chosen to avoid major sponsorship.
b. Our team of volunteers will take time off from their work and will pay for their flights. Our team is happy to take care of their own accommodation and meals.
c. We have found many times the most meaningful and powerful events are the simplest ones. We wish to be of service to your country and to have the honour of your nation participating in the Peace Run; therefore, we do not expect your country to bear a huge expense.

5. Next Steps

a. Who to Contact: Please complete the Response Form below.
Initially the contact will be Executive Director Salil Wilson. 

email: salil@peacerun.org
WhatsApp and cell phone: +1 646 327 2812

We will then identify a Peace Run focal point who will work with you to get the process started.