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Sri Chinmoy Speaks

Sri Chinmoy speaks about the Peace Run and peace in general

"There are many ways to become happy, but I feel that the easiest and most effective way is to outwardly run." April, 1987

"This Peace Run is not only unprecedented; it is also the very beginning of something that humanity and Mother Earth will forever and forever treasure." April, 1987

"While you are carrying the peace torch, do not feel that it is a material object or something like a child’s toy or doll. You have to feel that inside the peace torch there is a flame, and that flame is your own flame. You yourself have created that flame. What for? To illumine yourself first, and then the people you are seeing within your orbit. Your own orbit can be made large, larger, largest. Today it may be very small, but tomorrow it can be much larger and the day after tomorrow it can be an infinite expanse." April, 1998

"When we see with the eyes, we see our existence at one place and the existence of others somewhere else. But when we use the heart, at that time inside our existence is the rest of the world, and inside the world is our existence." April, 1998

"During my highest meditation, many, many times I have clearly seen that our self-giving spirit in all its beauty and fragrance has covered the length and the breadth of the world. Not only that, something more: there are countless souls who have not seen the light of day, yet when they come into the world, they will feel, they are bound to feel, this self-giving spirit that is encircling and encircling the world. The beauty, the fragrance, the light and delight of this spirit will kindle the flames of aspiration in the newcomers. They will also sing the same song, the same song of peace, universal peace." June, 2005

"Today’s chaotic world cannot forever remain chaotic. World harmony, world peace: these are not mere dictionary words. These are the realities, divine and supreme realities. For all of us who are aspiring to become good citizens of the world, our Harmony Run is a supremely important inspiration to us all." June, 2005

"This world of ours needs harmony, harmony, harmony. Children are the most suitable to bring about world harmony because for them it is something new and fresh. Children take each morning as a new dream." June, 2007