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In 2014 the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run travels from Uluru, the emblematic heart of Australia, to the capital Canberra in a symbolic journey through October and November.  Lighting the torch at the very heart of the continent, the flame will then travel south through the Flinders Ranges to Adelaide, then follow the length of the mighty Murray River from its mouth to its source, and ascend Mt Kosciuszko before concluding in Canberra.

Each step the Torch is carried is powered by the goodwill and support of everyone along the way.  All are welcome who wish to participate, so please take those steps with the Peace Torch offering your own hope and dreams for a better and brighter world...



Be part of the Peace Run in your area.

Schools and Youth

Some great ideas for teaching young people about peace.

Peace Run Song

The official song for the event composed by the Run's founder Sri Chinmoy.

The Journey

A photo gallery of our last run around the continent.


Many notable people have held the torch and offered their good wishes.

The Peace Run Torch-Bearer Award

A special award given to people of inspiration.