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Great Britain

Great Britain - welcome!

 The Peace Run has been welcomed to the shores of Britain since it's inception in 1987.

                                                                                                                                                                                               In 2018 The Peace Run will arrive in Great Britain from The Netherlands on August 30th. The Peace Torch, which is being carried through all European Countries this year, will arrive on the shores of Scotland and be carried by a team of international runners through Northern Ireland, Ireland, Wales and England over a period of 16 days. In cities, towns, schools and other locations along the route the torch will be received at events and ceremonies dedicated to Peace. We welcome everyone to greet the run, hold the torch and share your dreams for a world enlivened and emboldened by a committment to real Peace, for all people and all Nations.

Since the inception of the Peace Run in 1987, hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, including athletes, schoolchildren and enthusiastic individuals, have held the Peace Torch and expressed their committment to Peace. In the United Kingdom highlights include the lighting of the beacon in Hyde Park in 1995 by Her Majesty the Queen: a lighting of beacons at A Moments Peace, a ceremony held at UCL during the Olympics in 2012: The final ceremony of the Peace Run held at the British Museum in October 2006.

This year the European relay run will begin in Sofia, Bulgaria on February 27th. Runners will carry the torch through Europe on a 7 month journey to a grand finish in Lisbon, Portugal on October 8th.

European Route Map

Other torches will be carried on routes through the Americas, Asia, Russia and Australasia.

Her Majesty the Queen uses the Peace Torch to light the first of many beacons to commemorate 50 years of Peace on the anniversary of VE Day in Hyde Park, London in 1995


Pope Francis holds the Peace Torch in Rome


Olympic athlete Carl Lewis and Baroness Shreela Flather host the Peace Run during the London Olympics 2012 at a special event:

A Moment's Peace



Each step our relay runners take is powered by the goodwill and support of everyone we meet on the way. We welcome anyone who wishes to participate to please join us and take those steps for Peace, holding the Peace Torch and offering your own hope and dreams for a better and brighter world...


Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the Light of the World to you.

Representatives from councils around the UK, head teachers, celebrities and athletes hold the torch to celebrate Peace.

The founder of the Peace Run, Sri Chinmoy, visted England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland on several occasions to share his vision for Peace.



O dreamers of peace, come.
Let us walk together.
O lovers of peace, come.
Let us run together.
O servers of peace, come.
Let us grow together.


The Peace Run visits more than 50 schools in the United Kingdom every year.

Contact: Devashishu Torpy, Peace Run UK Director, 5 The Crescent, London SW13 0NN       devashishu@peacerun.org

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