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Great Britain

Torch-Bearer Award

As we journey across the country and around the world invariably we come into contact with some remarkable people who have inspired their communities, their cities and nations through their own lives and deeds. The Torch-Bearer Award is a means of recognising these people and encouraging them in their activities.

Here is a list of recipients from the UK.

10. Lord Elis-Thomas 28 May 2014
9. Brother Stephen Smyth 22 May 2014
8. Cliff Reed Ipswich InterFaith 28 July 2013

Previous to 2013, we awarded the Torch Bearer Award as part of the World Harmony Run.

7. Manny Kemp RAG Office fundraiser extraordinaire, University of Cambridge 27 May 2012
6. Prof. Mark Williams Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Oxford 28 March 2012
5. Ken Radford People and Gardens 30 June 2011
4. Gaynor Coley Managing Director of Eden Project 30 June 2011
3. Tim Smit RAG Chief Executive (and co-founder) of Eden Project 30 June 2011
2. Dr. Carrie Herbert Founder of Charity Red Balloon 19 March 2010
1. Mrs. Brodie Head of Lady Immaculate School Liverpool 6 May 2008


Selected list of international recipients