Greece 6 March: Kerdonas - Edessa

City of Waterfalls

Our morning begins in the village of Arnissa at the school there.

The children had many questions to ask the runners.

Outside in the playground we teach the children The World Harmony Run Song.

This village is at a high altitude in a beautiful part of Greece, where the climate is perfect for growing cherry trees.

Irini, our Greek coordinator, invites the children to offer a silent prayer for Peace as they pass the torch. Irini means 'Peace' in Greek!

The children interview our Swiss runner in German.

One child speaks perfect Serbian. These interviews are for the school newspaper.

Our next port of call is the small village of Vryta. This is the entire school!

Irini is meeting many friends on this Peace Run - she used to work in this area for the environment and wildlife.

On the left is Christodoulos Faniopoulos (School Advisor of Edessa-Pella Region, Ministry of Education, Greece). On the right is Vangelis Kiriakou (Director of Edessa City Tourism Department, Greece). Thank you to these two wonderful gentlemen for their kindness and hospitality.

Next we visit the school in the village of Nisi. Nisi means 'Island' because all the water from the nearby mountains passes by in two rivers on either side of the village.

Vangelis holds the torch to represent Greece in our presentation.

The Principal receives the torch.

Our final school is the 6th Public School in Edessa.

The children spot us coming!

Everyone has an answer .....

Bonjour mes amis ......

Mrittunjoy has become a celebrity!

Irini poses for a photograph with her nephew.

Thank you to the Principal and the staff of this inspiring school!

We received a laurel wreath from one of the students.

We meet the Mayor of Edessa, Dimitrios Giannoy, outside the City Hall of Edessa.

Also there to meet us are the Edessa Cycling team.

We are awarded a medal by the Cyclist Association, Aeropos.

This is one of the cycling veterans who also used to be a very good runner.

The ancient bridge in Edessa.

Edessa is one of only two cities in the world that has waterfalls right in the centre.

Irini smiling as the water falls!

Thank you to the city of Edessa for giving us a wonderful experience in this most beautiful of regions!