United States 20 July: Queens, New York City

YMCA Celebrates Peace

The Jamaica, Queens YMCA is within running and walking distance from our neighborhood where some of the runners live.

We offered our program which included singing one of Sri Chinmoy's Peace Run songs for the children.

We were fortunate to have some runners who are visiting from other countries join us for this local event, making it an international Peace team.

The young adults gathered at the YMCA were very receptive and appreciative of our visit and presentation.

Vajra Henderson, born and raised in New York City, inspired the children to express their own thoughts about peace.

Cathy Oerter and Kritagyata Nicolls present the YMCA with some colorful paintings by Sri Chinmoy, Founder of the Peace Run.

Kritagyata explains to the children the meaning of the paintings and the value of art in expressing peace. Cathy is co-founder of Art of the Olympians, encouraging Olympic athletes to express themselves through artistic endeavors.

Juliette Beecher, the Youth and Family Directoer, gladly accepted one of our offerings from Prakhara, one of the organizers of this event today.

Moving to the gymnasium everyone had a chance to pass the Peace Torch and offer their prayers, hopes and dreams for a more peaceful world.

Two staff members gladly accept our Certificate of Appreciation signed by all the runners.

We are very grateful to the Jamaica YMCA for hosting us and sharing these precious moments of peace.