Canada 10 June: Surrey, BC - Blaine, WA

Hands Across the Border

We were honoured to be asked to participate in the Hands Across the Border ceremony at Peace Arch Park for a second time. The Peace Run was prominently recognized on the event’s program, and were the first booth people saw when they entered the park. Hundreds of Scouts stopped by the booth to learn about peace and make crepe paper torches. The event organizers even incorporated the Peace Run into a scavenger hunt for which participants needed to write down the Peace Run’s official motto: “Peace Begins with Me.”

Today’s event was a celebration of unity between Canadian and American girls and boys Scouts, and featured booths from many inspiring organizations. Peace Runners from both Vancouver and Seattle made the drive to Peace Arch park, supplying smiles and crepe paper torch-making skills to all.

Sulabha learns to make a crepe paper peace torch!

Dan gives a geography lesson to eager girl scouts who asked about the Peace Run’s route.

This was our second participation in the Hands Across the Border celebration at Peace Arch Park.

Scouts created crepe paper torches and wrote what peace means to them.

Happy Dan finds joy in arts and crafts.

Hundreds of people turned out to enjoy a sunny day at the Peace Arch.

We were well-secured to thanks to the efforts of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (“Mounties”) and WA State Patrol.

Many family picnics made Hands Across the Border a family affair!

The Peace Arch Monument has stood since 1921 as a tribute to peace and oneness.

Group picture of Scouts with a peace torches.

Our next door neighbour was an exhibit for “Poppies for “Peace,” which built on the day’s theme of promoting Peace.

Happy campers after creating a peace torch and learning the Peace Run motto.

Scout Parade commences.

Any kid loves to sit on dad's shoulders.

Boys Scouts Troop through the Peace Arch.