Canada 1 July: Toronto, ON

O Canada - Many Voices, One Spirit

O Canada, Many Voices, One Spirit is a multi-faith event celebrating the oneness among faith communities in the Toronto area.  At least a dozen different faiths were represented, and the Peace Run was  an integral part of the event. Today we were happy to enjoy Canada Day together.

Runners carry the torch into the interfaith celebration.

Rev. John Joseph Mastandrea of the United Church passes the torch among guests.

Chander Kanna, on the left, a tireless organizer of Toronto interfaith events ,joins Toronto friends of the Peace Run for a moment of silence as a native drummer sings a prayer.

Shivaram introduces Rev. Leslie Gabriel Mezei who is receiving the Torch Bearer award.
Since the late seventies, Leslie has been a pioneer and faithful champion of the Interfaith movement.  Rev. Mezei conducts The Universal Worship Service.  He has been on a universal Sufi spiritual path for many years, and spent a month at a Himalayan Yoga Meditation Society Ashram in India, most of it in silence.  He practices Buddhist Mindfulness meditation and follows creation spirituality and the teachings of the Hassids of Eastern Europe.  He is a dedicated worker, guiding light and real treasure of the interfaith community.

Leslie gives a soulful, touching acceptance of the Torch Bearer award.

A Hindu family performs a vedic fire ceremony with all invited to participate.

Leslie Mezei offering a prayer.

Rev. Mezei thanks all for their participation in Canada Day Interfaith, including the Guru Nanak Community who  served a most generous meal.