Canada 16 July: Winnepeg, MB

The City Hall

Today the students of Ecole Victoria Albert summer school carried the Peace Torch to city hall to meet Winnipeg's mayor, Mr. Brian Bowman. Mayor Bowman met with the Peace Run team two years ago, and was eager to meet with them again.
He especially enjoyed speaking with the children about their own dreams, goals and aspirations for peace.
After meeting with the mayor, the students returned to school and stood in a circle in the field and had an opportunity to hold the Peace Torch and make their own personal wishes for peace.

Students and a member of the team awaiting the mayor.

A teacher from the Ecole Victoria Albert School greeting Mayor Bowman

Mayor Bowman speaking to a student from Ecole Victoria Albert school about what peace means to her

Shishir holding the Peace torch while Mayor Bowman gives an inspiring talk about peace and the role that young people play in helping to bring about peace

Children making their own wishes for peace.