Canada 6 August: Halifax, NS

Halifax Parade Day!

The team enjoyed a festive day at the Natal day celebrations in Halifax today and met hundreds of happy people.

The lively Natal Day parade saw thousands of people lining the streets on the 4 kilometer route from Halifax to Dartmouth.

The parade crossed the McDonald bridge!

We rarely get to enjoy the whole road like this so we were making the most of it.

It was a lot of fun.

Peace lovers everywhere today.

Scott was RV-surfing and acting as our Peace Run mascot for the day!

Our RV was a highlight of colour and a big hit with the crowd.

Andy Fillmore, Member of Parliament for Halifax House of Commons, enthusiastically approached us and held the Peace Torch.

Darren Fisher, Member of Parliament for Dartmouth-Cole Harbour.

Halifax Mayor Mike Savage with Councillor Lindell Smith and the Peace Run team.

The meteor shower is actually bubbles shooting out at a fast pace!

Deputy Mayor Waye Mason also held the Peace Torch.

We are always so grateful when members of local government in local communities are so enthusiastic about the Peace Run as it sets a wonderful example.

There can be no great parade without a great Highland band!

Band leader has both hands full

The Halifax Girl Guides decorated a beautiful prize winning float with an outdoor camping theme complete with tent, trees and Canadian animals. Well done girls!

The air cadets were enthusiastic participants in the street parade and led the procession.

We went back to the 80's for a while! The Peace Run was founded in 1987, so sometimes we go back in time to remember.

Did we really look this great in the eighties?

The Carribean community float was another prize winner and helped to bring joy to the crowds.

The Caribbean booth was playing fun and upbeat music for the whole parade!

A large community and a great example of a Oneness World family. Congratulations.

Community services like these are examples of peace in action.

Two new friends from the War Amps booth held the Peace Torch with their robotic arms.

The crowd had a happy Natal Day

Karnayati passed the torch to the eager parade-goers as we proceeded along the route.

Many new wishes for peace for us the carry in our torch.

It is wonderful to have so many people eager and happy to make a wish for peace

A brief stop at the VIP booth for the peace torch

Sharing the torch with a dog.

Our Ukrainian team member in a Ukrainian made Sherpa. We got a chance to sit inside. It's a comfortable ride in any terrain and is amphibious. The tyres can deflate in seconds and inflate in 27 seconds.

More peace makers and peace lovers.

Brahmata and her friend.

The Japanese float

Happy crowds help to keep us going

A large variety of community groups represented on Natal day. A testimony to the esteem the community affords this holiday.

Mickey and his companions enjoying the day.

Colourful characters

The many strange sights in this parade were giving us all a lot of joy!

Easy terrain today.

Happy Natal Day Halifax!!

Victoria and Nastya feel peace with street art inspiration

Jen and Kyra Brett from Dartmouth held the Peace Torch.

One of the smallest islands we have seen to date