Mexico 29 March: Tijuana

Muchas Gracias Mexico

On our last day in Mexico we brought the Peace Torch to Escuola Naciones Unidas in Tijuana.

Brahmata from Canada carried the Torch into the schoolyard with lots of excited children following.

Some of the children were happy to be able to carry the Torch and feel the dynamic energy it generates.

Everyone was eager to hold the Torch even before the ceremony began.

We finally made it to the stage to explain who we were and why we came here carrying a torch.

Soon we had the children participating in our songs.

With the help of our Tijuana coordinator, Sanmati, the children could really understand how to feel peace within themselves.

Director Wenceslao Canet accepts our Certificate of Appreciation from Sanmati. We are grateful to them both for arranging for this event to happen.

Adios from the Peace Runners as we leave the stage.

A few high fives to see us off.

Pujari from San Diego carries the Peace Torch out through the crowd.

Some of the children would not let him go without getting a chance to touch the Peace Torch.

Last chance to make a wish for peace with the Torch.

A sincere smile and wish for peace is a nice way to end the day at our last school ceremony. Mexico was very sweet and welcoming to the Peace Run in the past few days, encouraging us to come back soon. Muchas Gracias amigos y amigas.