Canada 10 August: St. John's, NL

Signal Hill

Nine peaceful birds on Signal Hill, famous for being the site of the reception of the first transatlantic radio signal, in 1901. We took in the site with our local host, Brahmacharini Rebidoux, as a part of our tour of the city.

The next day we returned to Signal Hill with our Peace Torch. Colleen was our bus driver who drove the city tour bus which took us to the top again.

Many others also, both residents of St. John's and visitors like ourselves, wanted to hold the torch and add their hopes and prayers for peace.

After our visit with all the peace dreamers on top of Signal Hill, we took the opportunity to hike the Signal Hill trail. Here we are appreciating the vastness of the ocean and the particularly magnificent sky. On the horizon, a fog bank was rolling in, just covering up Cape Spear, the eastern most point of land in North America.

The hiking trail eventually led us back into the downtown area. On one street we found this wonderful mural, one of many around the city which commemorate a way of life and major events from the city's past.