Aug. 8, 2023 Live from the road

Buchanan, MI - Portage, IN

Reported by Brahmata Michael 56.0 mi

We woke up in one of our favourite places- Fuller's Campground!

Some of our team members enjoyed an early morning canoe.

Others jumped into the lake for a refreshing swim.

The morning mist made our first runs of the day cool and beautiful.

A peaceful moment on these quiet country roads.

Runners are smilers!

Keeping an eye on the runner in the rearview mirror.

You never know who you're going to share the road with.

Which running shoes are your favourite?

We arrived at "The Camp" in Bridgeman, Michigan.

Pradhan and Kevin drove from Chicago to join us.

We all ran in together.

When the campers saw us, they joined in the running as well.

Monica Brown is the director of the camp, her late husband purchased the property and she is continuing this incredible legacy, offering opportunities to inner city children. They are in the process of developing programs so that more kids can benefit from this beautiful space.

Monica's lovely daughter, McKayla joined us as well.

The Camp was hosting members of "Boxing off the Block", which allowed some children from inner city Chicago to have the rare experience of being in nature as well as playing and relaxing in a safe space.

Brothers Tony and Sylvestre Raggs are the founders of Boxing off the Block an organization that teaches vulnerable youth the skill set and discipline of boxing. The club was started to encourage good habits in young people and to serve as a safe haven in an area where gun violence is prevalent.

Pradhan, one of Chicago's great Peace Run coordinators, introduced us to Darlene.

Darlene Shorter's dedicated service to The Camp is indispensable.

There are eleven Sri Chinmoy Peace Trees planted around the property, we stopped at each one to hear the story behind it.

An emotional moment at the Peace Tree. Some of the trees are dedicated to the memory of loved ones who have passed on. This tree was dedicated in honour of Darlene's late mother.

They hung up peace art that some of the campers had prepared.

We had a Peace Run Ceremony.

Including teaching the World Harmony Run song.

We presented them with an art poster with the aphorism, "When you give peace, you get peace" -Sri Chinmoy

Share the Torch, spread the love.

Monica and her crew gave the team some great refreshments including fresh blueberries and cucumbers picked from the garden less than 24 hours ago.

Thank you for so enthusiastically hosting the Peace Run!

Donnavan Barrier, a reporter for the Hearld Dispatch came out to interview the team in Michigan City.

Santiva covers some miles despite her injury.

Inflatable Peace Runner: coming to a store near you!

Devendra reluctantly accepts a thank-you gift and cake from the team!

For many years Devendra has been devotedly volunteering his time to The Peace Run, taking on the job of booking accommodations for the runners every night. We are so grateful to him for taking on this momentous task and literally putting a roof over our heads (or a ground under our tents)! We are also grateful to the many hotels and campgrounds that offer us free or discounted stays- the Peace Run would not be possible without this generosity.

We continued the thank-yous by presenting this t-shirt to Harita, our incredible women's team captain! We chose this shirt because our team feels "Thankful, Grateful, Blessed" to have such a kind and capable captain.

Since we gained an hour with the time change, some team members hit the town for some night time ice cream and beverages.

Each good thought

Inside your silence-mind

Is indeed a peace-seed,

And before long these seeds

Will be able to enjoy

Their golden harvest.

-Sri Chinmoy

Torch carried by
Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Atul Arora (India), Bhadrika Beumer (Netherlands), Brahmata Michael (Canada), Devendra Cheatham (United States), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Jamini Young (United States), Kevin Carroll (United States), Mudavati Arksey (United States), Natabara Rollosson (United States), Nayaja Perugini (Italy), Pavaka Richot (Canada), Pradhan Balter (United States), Purnakama Rajna (Canada), Rupasi Young (United States), Salil Wilson (Australia), Santiva Morrison (United States), Virangini Afzal (United States).  
Brahmata Michael, Devendra Cheatham, Salil Wilson
The torch has travelled 56.0 mi from Buchanan, MI to Portage, IN.

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