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Peace Run 2020 Oneness-World International Youth Project

Since 1987 the international Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run (in 2013 in Canada, the World Harmony Run returned to its original name) makes a big step for peace, organizing torch relays through the world and touching the hearts of millions of people.  

The Peace Run involved so far more than 10 million people in over 140 countries. 

The spirit of the Peace Run is unique. Along the route people in thousands of communities — from children to senior citizens, from everyday folks to world leaders — will join the Peace Runners by carrying the torch a few steps or a few miles, each person adding their hopes and dreams in a global wave of friendship and goodwill. 

Peace Run Canada 2018 (Eastern Canada)

Peace Run Canada 2018 (Vancouver, BC)

Peace Run Canada 2017

Peace Run Canada 2016

 To see more events, inspiring stories, videos and photos from the road please visit our Canadian World Harmony Run 2005 - 2013.



The Peace Run is a global torch relay that symbolizes humanity’s universal aspiration for a more peaceful world. The Peace Run is humanity’s largest and longest grassroots effort for peace. Download a pdf of our Peace Run Brochure in  English.



Be part of the Peace Run in your area.

Schools and Youth

Some great ideas for teaching young people about peace.

Torch-Bearer Award

A special award given to people of inspiration.