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Torch-Bearer Award

As we have carried the torch around the world invariably we have come into contact with some remarkable people. The Torch-Bearer Award was created to recognize and honor those people who have inspired their nations, their cities, and their communities through their own lives and deeds.

We invite you to nominate a few people in your area who you feel to be worthy recipients. They may be well-known celebrities; business people; sportsmen or women; charity workers; doctors or nurses; schoolchildren - anyone who has worked selflessly to better the lives of others.

Special medallions will be presented at official local ceremonies. A partial list of prominent recipients can be found below.

Canadian Recipients

Remarkable Canadian recipients of the Torch-Bearer Award

President of the Republic of Slovenia Dr. Danilo Türk

On May 14 2009 at the President's Palace in Ljubljana we met with President of the Republic of Slovenia Dr. Danilo Türk and had the honor of presenting him with the Torch-Bearer Award.

Dr. Davidson Hepburn

Hon. Dr. Davidson Hepburn serving as the President of the 35th General Conference of UNESCO met with us in his home country of the Bahamas.

Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King is a woman whose sincerity and goodness are immediately felt by all those who have the good fortune to come into contact with her.

Sudhahota Carl Lewis

We were honored that Sudhahota Carl Lewis was the first recipient of the Torch-Bearer Award.

Hakuhō Shō Yokozuna

In Tokyo, Japan on April 22, 2010 at the Miyagino Sumo Stable we were able to present the current reigning Sumo Yokazuna Hakuhō Shō with the Torch-Bearer Award.

Russell Simmons

New York based Philanthropist and Hip-Hop pioneer Russell Simmons serves as Chairman of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding.

Speaker of the Parliament of Serbia, Prof. Dr. Slavica Djukic Dejanovic

Belgrade, Serbia, on July 7th 2010, we were honored to present Prof. Dr. Slavica Đjukić Dejanović, the Speaker of Parliament, with the Torch Bearer Award.