Hakuhō Shō Yokozuna

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In Tokyo, Japan on April 22, 2010 at the Miyagino Sumo Stable we were able to present the current reigning Sumo Yokazuna Hakuhō Shō with the Torch-Bearer Award.

Hakuhō's outstanding achievements in the world of sumo wrestling, as well as his efforts in bridging Japanese and Mongolian cultures, with love, reverance and humility, were qualities that deeply inspired us to offer him the award.

A true ambassador for his sport and his nation he embodies qualities that inspire all who meet him. We wish him a long and successful career.

By coincidence the stable just had a new sumo ring made. Hakuhō commented, "It's been raining today. You know there is a saying in Japanese: Rain makes the ground solid. I feel it is quite auspicious that you all came on this special day. I am grateful."  Then added, "There must be all kinds of challgenges that I would not be able to imagine. All the best for your Run."  

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