2020 Virtual Peace Run in Ireland - welcome!

July 16 - 19th 2020, the Peace Run will be running virtually through Ireland. You can participate by running your 5km for Peace, wherever you are!

On Thursday, 16th of July the Virtual Peace Run arrives in Ireland. Over four days the International Peace Run Team will collectively cover the distance equivalent to our original route from Belfast to Dublin. 

We invite you to join us in running few kilometers wherever you are on the globe. We are a hosting 5km Virtual Peace Run that you can enter and upon completion submit your time. You can jog, run or race it, it's completely up to you! So why not join us in taking a few steps for peace. To register please follow the following link:

See our inspiring video from our international team running this week:       The Event - Run 5km on the Virtual Peace Run!

Due to the current global situation this years Peace Run is now a virtual Peace Run. Each week, a new team of runners, each runner from a different country, run in their local neighbourhood observing government regulations and guidelines on safety and social distancing. The combined kilometres of each runner propel the virtual Peace torch forward along a route through Europe. The virtual Peace Run will pass through all European countries, finishing in Prague on Sunday October 4th, 2020.

The essential message of the Peace Run is that we all belong to one human family. By running with the torch, physically or virtually, runners express their hopes and dreams for a world of peace. In the same way that this worldwide relay requires a team effort, the future prosperity of this world requires the unique and significant contribution of each individual.

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The Irish Peace Run Team

Peace does not mean the absence of war.
Peace means the presence of harmony,
Love, oneness and satisfaction.
Peace means a flood of love
In the world-family.

Sri Chinmoy



The Peace Run has been bringing people together in a spirit of friendship and oneness for over 25 years, in Ireland and all over the World. Watch our short video introduction...

"We are with you in upholding peace, which brings solace to many people throughout the world. It doesn't matter what language they speak. I think peace is one of the things that is going to save the world."

- Nelson Mandela (said while holding the Peace Torch in 1998)  




The Peace Run was founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1987 and is coordinated by a volunteers in each country that the Run visits, with the invaluable support and participation of local communities around the world. read more »


In Ireland and abroad, the Peace Torch has been held by world leaders, legendary athletes, and millions of people from all walks of life. Read more »

Press Release 2020

Please see our Press Release for the 2020 Virtual Peace Run in Ireland - read more » 

Schools And Kids

Along the route, the Run visits schools and youth groups to share their inspiration for a better world; find out more on our main global site about our schools program and see what your school can do...