Albania 13 March: Elbasan - Durres

Running to the Coast

Running out of Elbasan with Janet holding the torch

What horsepower are we running at?

Anna ran through a deluge of rain, the only rain of the day, and then the sun came out.

The dauntless Amur puts in a fair few kilometres.

Hello - what's going on here?

Today, people across Albania are celebrating the first day of Spring.

In Peqin children hold the torch.

Who knew that Captain America lives in Albania?

Hey hombres!

In Rrogozhine we present the Peace Run at the main school.

These children speak excellent English.

A passing cyclist try's out the torch.

Running along the beach by the Adriatic Sea.

Durres - our destination.

We visit the main Sports school in all Albania.

The Principal receives the torch.

Maggie runs a lap of the schoolyard.

These students specialize in Long Jump, Sprinting, Javelin and many other disciplines.

Zuzka receives flowers!

Thank you to all our Albanian friends for a truly memorable visit to your country.