ліпеня 4, 2017 Live from the road

Kobryn - Ivanovichy

Reported by Shyamala Stott 92.0 km

The 1st run of the day was in a happy solitude this morning.

White shirt, green shorts..

and red shoes. Yuri is dressed in the colors of his Belarussian flag!

Our 1st meeting of the day was with runners from Sport School Bomber 1.

A group photo before we start.

Nikita and Egor join us 1st.

The the girls take the next leg - Olga, Lera and Yana.

Always discussions to have!

These guys are strong runners!

The wind at our back was great for running, but carrying our large flag was a good workout!

We've enjoyed passing many beautiful churches in Belarus.

Waiting to run again! These teenagers got a true taste of a morning in the life of a peace runner as they joined us for 20k or so of running.

Yuri starts explaining tomorrow to Apaguha and Vladimir!

We arrived to Lenin Square in Biaroza and were welcomed by 2 wonderful singing performances.
This is Karina age 11 and she sang beautifully for us :)

There were a lot of excited children!

And we were presented with a delicious and pretty loaf of bread.

The girls with an example of un harmonious behavior!

Which we put right by carrying Lenka with her injured knee!

Sharing a Moment's Peace

This wee boy was getting a little too peaceful ;)

Karina spontaneously sang us another song as the torch was being passed around.

Stopping to take in the Peace Run's arrival in her town square!

Next stop Austrailia!

Thank-you Biaroza for a meeting filled with Joy, Enthusiasm and Peace.

The city hosted us for a delicious and traditional lunch!

While we ate lunch our singing friend Karina went to change so she could run with us.

Thank-you Karina for your constant smile, beautiful singing voice and enthusiasm to join us in running for Peace! We will carry your smile with us :-)

Rain blessed us this afternoon!

Some of us just got wet...

While Olga had the BEST outfit for the afternoon's weather, and didn't let some rain stop her!!!

We were met by a great group of local runners when we arrived to Ivanovichy who ran with us to the square.

Where we met the Mayor and received an Enormous Karavay bread. It didn't last long with our hungry team of runners.

Thank-you to Ivanovichy for a lovely welcome to your town!

The Karavay bread fuelling us for our last ceremony of the day!

Speeding down the aisle with the Peace Torch!

So many wonderful facial expressions while feeling Peace in our heart!

A camp leader takes the torch and begins to pass it around the children.

This confident boy came up and sang a solo for us!

Friends for peace :)

Raindrops on our window....

Left a dramatic evening sky.

Torch carried by
Aleksander Nigalchuk (Ukraine), Aleksey Balkunov (Russia), Almabek Kayirguzhin (Kazakhstan), Apaguha Vesely (Czech Republic), Endre Olah (Hungary), Gordana Petrovčić (Croatia), Lenka Trunečková (Czech Republic), Ludmila Klishina (Ukraine), Natalia Sergeyeva (Belarus), Nazerke Sadembay (Kazakhstan), Olga Pushkareva (Russia), Shyamala Stott (Great Britain), Tihomir Cundić (Croatia), Uddhava Selucky (Czech Republic), Vladimir Rosumovskiy (Russia), Yuri Khraputsky (Belarus).  
Apaguha Vesely, Endre Olah
The torch has travelled 92.0 km from Kobryn to Ivanovichy.

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