Sept. 4, 2015 Live from the road

Wudalanchi - Nenjiang

Reported by Irina Pobeda 100.0 km

Peace Run arrives in Nenjiang

Эстафета Бега Мира прибыла в Нэньцзянь

Placing flowers at the monument to Soviet soldiers

Running together with Chinese athletes along the streets of Nenjiang

To the drum sound we are entering the central square of Nenjing

The citizens are greeting the team in traditional way

Exchange of gifts

Head of Sports Department Mr Chao Pin and the expert of the Department

14. С капитаном команды начальник Управления ФКиС Хао Пин и специалист Управления

Torch carried by
Alexandr Nikiforov (Russia), Ekaterina Russina (Russia), Elena Voronkova (Russia), Irina Pobeda (Russia), Svetlana Khisamutdinova (Russia), Svetlana Pinigina (Russia).  
Irina Pobeda
The torch has travelled 100.0 km from Wudalanchi to Nenjiang.

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