aug. 1, 2018 Live from the road

Hirtshals - Blokhus

Reported by Devashishu Torpy 55.0 km

Today we cross the sea from Norway to Denmark.

It is yet another hot summer's day.

Today we run along the beach all day!

We couldn't find Samunnati. She was running so fast, she had covered 20 kms before we could catch up with her.

Today we are visiting the Circus Garden near Lokken.

This Circus is the brainchild of Katja Schumann.

Katja has been involved in the Circus since the day she was born. Her father was a famous Circus Master in Denmark and at the age of 5 she was performing ballet on a moving horse:

She has travelled the world and lived in many places. She lived in the USA for 20 years and would spend several weeks camped in a caravan behind the Lincoln Center in New York, while she was performing there. She loves animals, particularly horses.

The original Circus was a circle in which horses performed.

Katja has prepared lunch for us.

This is Katja's partner and together they craeted this Circus out of some ruined stables.

Katja first appears in the show as an old, old lady, who turns out to be extremely acrobatic!

The Peace Run is featured in today's performance.

We introduce the Peace Run to the audience.

The torch is passed to Katja, who shares it with the audience.

After the performance we stay to meet all the animals.

There is a very warm, family feeling here. Katja puts on her present show to show that animals can be in a Circus and loved and treated excellently.

On we run down the beach!

Devashishu meets a fellow runner, Ula, who works for UNICEF in New York City!

Torch carried by
Anita Costa (Portugal), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Drsalu Grünstäudl (Austria), Emanuels Putans (Latvia), Gordana Petrovčić (Croatia), Grahak Cunningham (Australia), Josef Sverma (Czech Republic), Nabhanya Schedemann (Germany), Peteris Seso (Latvia), Raquel Pina (Portugal), Samunnati Natalia Lehonkova (Ukraine), Sukhada Korshunova (Russia).  
Anita Costa
The torch has travelled 55.0 km from Hirtshals to Blokhus.

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