Finland 20 July: Helsinki - Turku

Cooling rains

Our Peace Run in Finland begins in Helsinki at the Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile.

The Peace Mile was inaugurated in 1986 by Sri Chinmoy himself. It is part of a family of Peace Miles worldwide, dedicated to Peace.

A former flying Finn, Jatnabhan holds the torch

Did someone order coffee?

Running out of Helsinki.

Miss Lehonkova is from the Ukraine. In 2016 she competed for her country at the Rio Olympic Games in the marathon.

Pekke Alto is the World Record holder for the 3100 mile race held every summer in New York.

Cooling rains are very welcome after the high temperatures of the recent days.

Sukhada from Russia is on the team.

Goga leads the runners into Turku to complete the 166 kilometres of running for the day.

He won 9 gold medals and 3 silver medals in his 12 events at the Olympic Games.

Can we replicate his style?

Paavo Nurmi's international debut was at the 1920 Summer Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium.