elo 7, 2022 Live from the road

Pello - Napapiiri

Reported by Lauri Tervo 25.0 km

Sweden border

Peace Bridge between Finland and Sweden

Running on the Peace Bridge to Sweden

Kaisu Laitamaa, chairman of Pello City council

Statue of famous Finnish crosscountry olympic and world champion skier Eero Mäntyranta

Running to the arctic circle

Arctic circle conquered

Ashprihanal and Josef

Peace Run visits the children Viking camp

Imagine peace in the heart

Here ends our Scandinavian Peace Run 2022. Gratitude to everybody who participated in this beautiful run from North Cape to the Arctic Circle.

Torch carried by
Agnieszka Sarzynska (Poland), Anne Leinonen (Finland), Ashprihanal Pekka Aalto (Finland), Iiris Nuuja (Finland), Josef Swerma (Czech Republic), Lilu Lähdesmäki (Finland), Neelabha Šenkýřová (Czech Republic), Udayachal Šenkýř (Czech Republic).  
Agnieszka Sarzynska , Lauri Tervo, Lilu Lähdesmäki
The torch has travelled 25.0 km from Pello to Napapiiri.

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