July 26, 2013 Live from the road

Bedford - Lavenham

Reported by Devashishu Torpy 77.0 km

We started running early out of Bedford and made it to the Grantchester Tea Rooms on the outskirts of Cambridge by 11am

The Grantchester Tea Rooms were frequented by the poet Rupert Brooke, Virginia Woolf, Ludwig Wittgenstein and others in the early 1900's

We were ahead of schedule so we stopped for some tea

Meanwhile Bahumanya and Dave were having coffee at a more contemporary coffee house in town

Running into Cambridge

Outside Kings College

Running to the Guildhall

The Lord Mayor of Cambridge

Punting on the river Cam

Our final destination - Lavenham

Torch carried by
Adam Thornton (Great Britain), Bahumanya Guy (Great Britain), Balavan Thomas (Great Britain), Dave Johnson (Great Britain), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Karnayati Morison (Canada), Martin Lacker (Austria), Medhavati Nasan-ULzil (Mongolia), Mukuli Iljazovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Rebecca Kullich (Great Britain), Samunnati Lehonkava (Ukraine), Serena Kullich (Great Britain), Shramaniya Gasparikova (Slovakia), Usika Muckenhumer (Austria).  
Mukuli Iljazovic, Shramaniya Gasparikova, Vasanti Niemz
The torch has travelled 77.0 km from Bedford to Lavenham.

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