March 8, 2016 Live from the road


Reported by Devashishu Torpy 11.0 km

Thank you to the Battersea Quarter for starting the run with a good breakfast

Once again the torch is alight in the United Kingdom

Our first port of call was at Christchurch Church of England Primary School in Battersea

Children volunteer their thoughts on Peace

We are the FULNESS of tomorrow's sun

Our special guest runner - Vlado the Mime from Slovakia

Wonderful readings on Peace

Go go go Jamaica!

The school created this banner for the occasion

Head teacher Mrs Colette Morris accepts a certificate of appreciation from the Peace Run team

Very soon this school are starting a programme in which the children will run a mile every morning

A welcoming committee await us at the gates of Swaffield Primary School

The entire school were gathered in the assembly hall

Swaffield Primary had been preparing for our visit for weeks ahead of time

The Music teacher Sarah Lufflum had prepared an amazing programme of music, art and poetry

Vlado invites one pupil to join him for a 'mime run'

The singing at this school is exceptional. We were really moved.

This school has students representing 58 different countries. Each student said the word for Peace in their language. 'One Love' for Jamaica. 'Peace Out' for Ghana!

In the Nursey classes students had fashioned their own Peace hats!

.... and made their own banners

Everyone has a moment to hold the torch

Our next school visit is to Riversdale

A very peaceful school

These two boys were excellent mimes

Several students read their own messages on Peace

A run around the playground

The runners were invited to have lunch at the World Heart Beat Academy which is run by Sahana Gero. Sahana inspires children to learn and enjoy music.

Sahana holding the torch

Our final school for the day is Our Lady Queen of Heaven

Many of these children participated in a sponsored run/cycle the week before

Walking the tightrope - don't fall!

High Fives

After the final school we ran through London - many people stopped us and asked to hold the torch

The Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile in Battersea Park by the river Thames

A visit to Run and Become which has been inspiring runners for over 30 years

A final thank you to the Waterfront restaurant in Battersea for making us the most delicious Pizza!

Torch carried by
Albena Margeritova (Bulgaria), Balavan Thomas (Great Britain), Daniel Manso (Portugal), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Dulce Manso (Portugal), Gints Peleckis (Latvia), Gordana Petrovčić (Croatia), Manatita Hutchison (Great Britain), Paramanyu Lebedev (Russia), Petra Kasterova (Czech Republic), Rasmivan Collinson (Great Britain), Rebecca Kullich (Great Britain), Sahadeva Torpy (Great Britain), Sahana Gero (Great Britain), Satyagraha Vladimir Salnicov (Moldova), Shankara Smith (Great Britain), Vera Marques (Portugal).  
Paramanyu Lebedev, Satyagraha Vladimir Salnicov
The torch has travelled 11.0 km in London.

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