March 26, 2016 Live from the road

Balloch - Perth

Reported by Devashishu Torpy 95.0 km

It's a wet wet wet day as we head east towards Stirling and the monument dedicated to William Wallace (aka Braveheart). With brave hearts and waterproof clothing we forge on.

Mukul prefers to run in the cool wet climes of Scotland compared with the 32 degrees in his native Tel Aviv

It is apparent that Gints is transparent

Paramanyu works his way up the hill and through a few puddles

It's still raining when Satyagraha starts running

Stirling Castle

Mr Wallace himself

Our bravehearts go in search of food

Paramanyu - or is it William Wallace?

The monument to William Wallace

A magical run through a forest as we leave Stirling and head towards Perth

Mukul is counting sheep

Near the Gleneagles hotel we meet some merry tourists from India

In the early evening we finally run the final steps into Perth

Torch carried by
Albena Margeritova (Bulgaria), Balavan Thomas (Great Britain), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Gints Peleckis (Latvia), Gordana Petrovčić (Croatia), Ilona Svoboda (Czech Republic), Mukul Fishman (Israel), Paramanyu Lebedev (Russia), Rasmivan Collinson (Great Britain), Satyagraha Vladimir Salnicov (Moldova), Vera Marques (Portugal).  
Paramanyu Lebedev, Satyagraha Vladimir Salnicov
The torch has travelled 95.0 km from Balloch to Perth.

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