April 26, 2023 Live from the road


Reported by Devashishu Torpy 7.0 km

The Peace Run starts today in the grounds of Dover Castle. This Church, St Mary de Castro, has been there for at least a 1000 years.

The building on the left is the Pharos, built in the 2nd Century. A Pharos is a beacon. The Romans would light a big fire on the top, which would help boats navigate across the English Channel.

David Slater (left) is the Coordinating Chaplain of Dover and Shepway.

David leads us in a prayer and a blessing for the journey ahead.

Inside St Mary de Castro Church, we sing 'A New world of Peace' by the founder of the Peace Run, Sri Chinmoy.

Our first school in Dover is St Marys Primary School.

The Head Teacher, Matthew Lamprell, receives a Certificate of Appreciation from the team.

Our next appointment is at St Richards Primary School.

The PE staff hold the torch

We are welcomed to our third school, Charlton Primary.

Then the team run up to the White Cliffs of Dover. Here they pause for a moment at the Blériot Monument. Louis Charles Joseph Blériot was a French aviator, inventor, and engineer and the first person to fly an aircraft across the English Channel. That was in 1909 and this is where he landed.

Time for a quick lunch on the White Cliffs.

The team prepare for the run down the hill to the place where a Peace statue will be unveiled.

In the Sunken Gardens on Marine Parade preparations are underway for the ceremony.

Deputy Chairman of Dover District Council, Councillor David Hannent (left) speaks to Martin Spettigue.

Martin Spettigue, who has coordinated this event, opens the proceedings with a welcome speech.

The runners are arriving.

Councillor David Hannent welcomes the runners.

The Coordinating Chaplain of Dover and Shepway, David Slater, leads everyone in prayers.

The torch is passed around for everyone to hold. Councillor David Hannent and Deputy Lieutenant Lord Northbourne hold the torch together.

Sarah Philpott (left) is an English, Bristol and North Channel swimmer, holder of the original "Triple Crown". We are extremely grateful for her support in bringing the Peace Run to schools in Dover.

Children from Charlton Primary offer a beautiful poem that they have composed for the occasion.

Abhejali Bernardová is an accomplished swimmer. She has swum the English Channel. She is the tenth person in the world, the fourth woman in the world and the first person from a landlocked country to finish the Oceans Seven challenge.

Kevin Murphy is the 'King of the Channel' having swum across it 34 times. He offers a wonderful speech recounting a time in 2003 when he was honoured by Sri Chinmoy, and literally lifted up. Othere Channel Swimmers are present at this ceremony including Vasanti Niemz from Germany and Sarah Philpott from Dover.

Lord Northbourne welcomes everyone.

Kaivalya Torpy (left) is the sculptor.

Animesh Harrington is from the Gold Coast in Australia.

Kevin Murphy holds the Peace Torch in front of the plaque.

Our Mongolian Peace runners stand with the statue.

Torch carried by
Abhejali Bernardová (Czech Republic), Balavan Thomas (Great Britain), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Erdenetsetseg Gankhuu (Mongolia), Jana Duskova (Czech Republic), Mridanga Spencer (Great Britain), Petra Kasperová (Czech Republic), Robert Benedek (Hungary), Ronivon Oliveira (Brazil), Uugantsetseg Otgonbayar (Mongolia), Varunavi Glabnikova (Slovakia), Vasanti Niemz (Germany).  
Erdenetsetseg Gankhuu, Mridanga Spencer, Petra Kasperová, Vasanti Niemz
The torch has travelled 7.0 km in Dover.

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