Maio 18, 2024 Live from the road

Miami, Oklahoma - Claremore, Oklahoma

Reported by Arpan DeAngelo 56.0 mi

Early in the morning the weather was not very hot, but the sun and the torch starting warming things up quite quickly.

On the back country roads we sometimes encounter excited dogs who begin to chase us as a natural instinct to protect their property. But this dog came running out into the street to greet us with his tail wagging happily. Then he laid down for me to pet him. It was an encouraging way to start the day as we ran through Vinita.

For a good part of the day we ran along the famous Route 66. Created over 100 years ago, it was the shortest, best and most scenic route from Chicago through St. Louis to Los Angeles. In the early 1900's it was one of the first highways in the U.S. Numbered Highway system. With advent of the Interstate highway system a about four decades later, Route 66 was broken up in certain sections but it still maintains its iconic character and reputation.

We met a few curious four-legged friends along our route this morning as well.

An old Baptist Church in the middle of nowhere offers a glimpse into the simple life of the faithful in this area.

More scenic wonders along the way.

After our morning run we visited the Will Rogers Memorial Museum, in Claremore Oklahoma, Will Rogers was an American performer, actor and social commentator. He was born in 1879 as a citizen of the Cherokee Nation in Oologah, Oklahoma. He is known as Oklahoma's favorite son. He was also a #1 radio personality, #1 at the early movies box office, #1 most sought after speaker.

Woody, a volunteer at the museum, welcomes our team to the Will Rogers Museum.

This famous painting of Will Rogers depicts his love of roping. As an expert roper he traveled the world performing in shows and circuses around the world until his untimely death in a plane accident in 1935 at the age of 55.

A lifelike painting Will Rogers depicting his scholarly side. Also known as the cowboy philosopher, he also became famous for his homespun humor and shrewd timely comments on current life. Some of his original quotes are: "We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others." "Live your life so that whenever you lose, you are ahead." "You must judge a man's greatness by how much he will be missed."

Bryan, the Educational Director of this museum, demonstrates his expert roping skills for us.

Puroga from Hungary tries his hand at twirling the rope after a lesson from Bryan. Not bad!

The museum included many 'cowboy' articles such as saddles, ropes, and horse paraphernalia.

This Mongolian style saddle brought a smile to our two Mongolian runners as well.

A statue of Will Rogers with one of his most famous quotes. "I never met a man I didn't like."

Interesting and important historical facts about the Cherokee culture in Oklahoma were also on display.These displays give us a glimpse into important aspects of our American roots in this part of the country.

Tad Jones, Executive Director of the Museum gladly shared the Peace Torch with us and also arranged for us to have a short presentation at the local baseball game, 1880's style, down in the field behind the museum.

Sherrie, one of the museums main staff members, also welcomed us and  gladly shared the Peace Torch with us.

Our team carries the Peace Torch down from the museum to the baseball field to meet with many locals who came to play or watch this classic game played like it was back in the 1880's.

Rupasi hands the Peace Torch to Jennifer Rogers, great grand daughter of Will Rogers.

After our introductions we offered a short presentation to everyone present, singing our Peace Run song written by Sri Chinmoy, Founder of the Peace Run.

Tad Jones, Executive Director of the Will Rogers Museum,  receives the Peace Run Torch-Bearer Award for his work with the community and development of the museum and its community activities.Working with families ad local communities is a crucial step in the process of establishing peace in the world.

Passing the torch of peace from person to person always brings smiles to their faces and peace in their hearts.

Jennifer Rogers stands with everyone during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, the U.S.A. National Anthem, before the game.

Five year old Kai impresses everyone with his sweet and innocent storytelling and wit as we watch some of the baseball game.

Another young spectator delighted some of the runners during the game.

Will Rogers loved baseball and said, "Baseball is our national game; every boy and girl in the United States should play it. It should be compulsory in schools." Four years ago, Wayne McComb started an 1880s style classic baseball game to commemorate this sentiment. Although Wayne is no longer with us, his wife LeaAnne, here with her dog Joy, attends the games on his behalf.

Jozsef, from Hungary, tries his hand at hitting a baseball for the first time.

Puroga keeps his eye on the ball, the most important step in successfully hitting the baseball.

Arpan has pretty good form for a former childhood baseball player.

One of the local players ready to hit the ball into the field.

A great swing from one of the young female players.

After the game Jozsef and Kai: Peace lovers, young and old, enjoy a parting moment together. Jozsef is a father of two in Germany where he lives.

Magnolia trees in full bloom around the side of the field as we leave for our next destination.

These Classic antique cars were driven and parked at the museum by some of the people who came to play in the classic baseball game.

Is Homagni, from Australia, thinking of buying a 'new' car?

This sign, a replica of one made over 100 years ago, portrays the wishes of some of Will Roger's fans even though he was not actually running for President of the U.S.

A moment's peace before hitting the road in the afternoon.

Back on the road for the women's team. Our teams take turns running in the morning or in the afternoon.

It was a very hot day, almost 90F or over 30C. Luckily we found a nice cool lake to swim in on our way to our accommodation for the evening..

Torch carried by
Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Erdenetsetseg Gankhuu (Mongolia), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Homagni Baptista (Australia), Jozsef Dicso (Hungary), Mananya Galante (United States), Pransukh Marks (United States), Puroga Theobald (Hungary), Rupasi Young (United States), Santiva Morrison (United States), Uugantsetseg Otgonbayar (Mongolia).  
Arpan DeAngelo, Erdenetsetseg Gankhuu, Harita Davies, Homagni Baptista, Jozsef Dicso, Uugantsetseg Otgonbayar
The torch has travelled 56.0 mi from Miami, Oklahoma to Claremore, Oklahoma.

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