Croatia 16 January: Orašac - Ston

Three schools near Dubrovnik...

Our first school was Antuna Masle in Orašac.

We were delighted to see the school had framed a painting by Peace Run founder Sri Chinmoy and hung it on the wall. We had presented this painting three years ago during our last visit.

As you can see we had lots of fun.

A moment of silence for peace.

We presented another painting to the school.

Our next appointment was at the main school in Slano, a very beautiful seaside village.

High fives all round.

Presenting our countries.

Imitating the Statue of Liberty.

Wow, I'm holding the Peace Torch.

Poems on peace.

This school sang some enchanting traditional songs.

Passing the torch.

Running with the torch.

This principal at Slano was making a very interesting video where she took footage of us and asked us to look at the camera for 5 seconds and think of love.

Wishes for peace. Prayers for peace.

Our final school for the day was in Ston, a city famous for its walls.

The school performed some very heartfelt and charming songs for us.

We went for a short run. You can see the walls of Ston in the background.

Some of our team ran 15 km from Slano back to our hotel.

Thank you Croatia for a wonderful experience.