Feb. 2, 2017 Live from the road


Reported by Salil Wilson 1.0 km

We began by meeting the Mayor of Denpasar Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra at his offices in City Hall.

We were honored to present Mayor Dharmawijaya Mantra with the Torch-Bearer award for his unstinting public service to the people of Bali, nurturing the preservation of Balinese culture and his progressive, modernizing policies which is making government more responsive to citizens as well as his initiatives in sustainable tourism.

We were also delighted to present an artwork by Peace Run founder Sri Chinmoy entitled World Harmony.

Our dear friends Prince Dipokusumo and Princess Febri also joined with us.

Peace Run Executive Director Salil Wilson shared Sri Chinmoy's vision of the Peace Run as well as our love for the island of Bali. Salil shared an excerpt of what Sri Chinmoy said about Bali in 1988 during a visit, "Of all the places I have visited in the last 15 or 16 years, Bali is undoubtedly the best. It has everything: sincerity, simplicity, purity, humility and peace. Early in the morning if you walk around the villages, their divine qualities will enter into you and you will become a different person. Here in Bali, nature herself will accelerate your inner progress! This place is Heaven on earth.”

The city had very kindly set up a tent in a nearby park Lapangan Puputan Badung and a stage where we could enjoy beautiful presentation by some of Denpasar's talented young dancers.

A excellent choir performed Indonesia's national anthem.

The gamelan orchestra's exquisite music transported us to another world.

Next we performed the World Harmony Run song.

We introduced our countries. France!


We did some skits and the students showed whether they thought it was representing peace or not. This skit got the thumbs down - so it wasn't representing peace.

Valdimir the mime involved a few of the boys.

It was lots of fun.

Learning our motto - Peace begins with me.

Next we did a symbolic run around the world.

Everyone held the torch and made a wish for peace.

Thank you to all the organizers and participants for a wonderful event.

Torch carried by
Abhejali Bernardová (Czech Republic), Abhijatri Robinson (South Africa), Aleš Plíva (Czech Republic), Amalendu Edelsten (Australia), Anastasiya Tabachnikova (Russia), Bashata Cimesa (Serbia), Bhashwar Hart (United States), Felix Lindner (Switzerland), Harashita Sunaoshi (Japan), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Jana Duskova (Czech Republic), Josef Sverma (Czech Republic), Kanyaka Arini (Indonesia), Kazem Abhary (Iran), Nisanga Mehikic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ondřej Mocný (Czech Republic), Pragati Pascale (United States), Pranjal Milovník (Slovakia), Premananda Klaile (Finland), Salil Wilson (Australia), Shatapatri Mahar (Canada), Shumbhani Juarez (Guatemala), Suhasini Septiarini (Indonesia), Tahereh Ziaian (Iran).  
Bhashwar Hart, Pranjal Milovník
The torch has travelled 1.0 km in Denpasar.

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