Indonesia 14 January: Renon, Bali

Peace Run joins I Loop 5km Race in Bali!

Some of us were thrilled to take part in a 5km Public Race called "I Loop" which took place in Bajra Sandhi Renon. The race officially began with the National Anthem and a prayer for protection- nice!!

We were honored that the Mayor of Denpasar, Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra held our Peace Torch before the race began.

And we were off!!

Eka with the torch!

Kanyaka made many friends along the way!!

Kanyaka at the bubbly finish!!

Suhasini and Harita finished too...

And Eka, who was thrilled to finish as she has not run much in the last year!

Our team! Including Shashibala, our official team support!

This girl's name is Nita and she came second!

All the women winners came up to the podium to receive their awards and also to hold the torch.

The top three male finishers got gifts and on top of that they also happily held the torch!

All the finishers got medals.

The race was open for all age categories. The children were so proud they could finish the race1

Different running clubs also participated in this race.

The Race finished at Bajra Sandhi Monument, which is the most significant landmark in Denpasar.
Every Sunday in this park, "Car Free Day" is observed. The streets are closed from 6-10am, and hundreds of people walk, run, skate and more around the Monument.
Thank you so much to all the runners for enthusiastically embracing the Peace Run!