Indonesia 8 February: Bangkalan, Madura

Bangkalan's heart embraces peace

Our final day in East Java began in Bangkalan region, Madura Island. Madura Island has 4 regions. Two days ago we visited one of them, Pamekasan, and today, we are here in another region, Bangkalan.
Bupati (Regent) of Bangkalan, RKH Abd. Latif Amin Imron (right) welcomes Rotary 3420 District Governor Princess Febri (right).

each of the male members of the team received the traditional, welcome hat from the regent, while each of the female members received the welcome scarf.

Ceremonial start of the 3 km run. The regent's wife, Zaenab Zuraidh (right) enthusiastically cheers towards the crowd.

Nikokaus from Austria receives the Peace Torch, representing the team, to mark the start of a fantastic day ahead.

Prince Dipo joins in.

Franky (behind Nikolaus to the right) served as the chairman of this Peace Run organizing committee. We are all gratitude to his tireless work and behind-the-scene organization.

Mr. Manoj (centre), Co-Founder of Spins Interactional School, brought a number of students from his school to this fun run for peace. We just visited his school yesterday.

A long-term dear friend of Sri Chinmoy and the Peace Run Dr. Davidson Hepburn walks along with the children, clad in the special Rotary T-shirt the Rotary Club made for this occasion.

Many many local students came.

Students from Spins Interactional School in Surabaya...

Some walked,

...while others ran!

Back where the stage and booths are set up, girls and women of the community pose with Regent's wife Zaenab Zuraidah (holding the Peace Torch) and DG Princess Febri.

Prince Dipo and Agraha enjoy the company of the lovely local children.

Rotary exchange students (front row) joined the run/walk as well.

Local onlookers enjoy the morning, too.

We are grateful to Assistant Governor of Surabaya Rotary Club Ms. Siani (holding the Peace Torch), for her constant care and assistance during our stay in Surabaya & Madura.

Up on the stage, it is time for the team to make our presentation.

We are extremely happy and grateful to Mrs. Zaenab Zuraidah for her complete support and enthusiastic presence.

We then proceeded to another area for lunch, local crafts market and cultural presentations.

These young men and women, who are local equivalent of "Miss/Mr Universe," served as Ambassadors of Bangkalan, warmly welcoming each one of us with smile, politeness and cheerfulness.

Some of the Peace Run team were wearing batik shirts that we had just purchased at the crafts market at the venue.

The Peace Run team was called on stage and sang some songs composed by the Peace Run founder Sri Chinmoy, celebrating peace.

Finally, proclamation of Suramadu Bridge as Sri Chinmoy Peace Bridge was made, with the wholehearted support of the Regent of Bangkalan.

We are extremely grateful to Rotary District Governor Princess Febri for her exceptional leadership in organizing such an unprecedented range of activities for the last 3 days. We are also very, very grateful to the organizing committee members at Surabaya Rotary Club, all the other Rotarians, as well as leaders, children, men and women of Madura and Surabaya, for creating and experiencing peace together.

We hope to come back in the near future!!