Sept. 6, 2018 Live from the road

Cavan - Dublin

Reported by Colm Magee 103.0 km

In the morning we visit one of the oldest schools in the country, Cavan no.1 National School.

The children are very bright and guess all of our nationalities very quickly.

The pupils pass the Peace torch from hand to hand.

We would like to extent our thanks to Michael Shiels at the Farnham Arms Hotel for hosting the boys team in Cavan Town.

We take a beautiful scenic route from Cavan to Kells. The international runners are really taken by the lush shades of green that sweep the countryside.

The cows have spotted the Peace Torch.

Tomaz looks at the road from a different perspective.

Daniel sees the road straight ahead.

In Kells we stop by O'Briens Supervalu to offer our thanks for the groceries they have provided the team.

In Kells we are warmly received by the girls in Our Lady of Mercy primary school.

Principal Cannon is very happy to receive the Peace torch.

Joy and excitment as the torch is passed onwards.

Anita from Portugal makes some new friends.

The teachers look on with Joy.

Reading out the certificate of appreciation.

A legion of children run with joy.

Waving farewell!

In Kells stands an old High Cross. This cross called 'The Market Cross' is a sandstone structure standing at 3.35 metres high.

We are very grateful to Olivia Duff from the Headfort Arms Hotel for providing a wholesome lunch for the team. Her kind support is truely appreciated. Olivia holds the Peace Torch alongside local councillor Sarah Reilly.

Dining in style!

We celebrate Goga's birthday today! Happy birthday Goga!

The hotel has a replica of the world famous book of Kells.

The last school of the day is Kells Parochial school.

Guess where the runner is from?

Paula, our Irish coordinator, has done a great job arranging events for team in her home town, Kells.

Hands on Hearts.

The children offer the Peace Run their beautiful pieces of art.

The children are eager to show their fantastic artwork!

This teacher takes a moment with the torch.

Leading the way!

The roadsides are full of blackberries.

Paramanyu, our top photographer, gets photographed.

This very kind gentleman from Comerfords bakery spots the Peace Run and kindly offers lots of cakes and pies. And wouldn't you guess it?...he is a marathon runner with his 11th marathon coming up very soon. Best of luck!

We make a stop at the Hill of Tara, an ancient Irish site. It is one of the largest complexes of Celtic monuments in all of Europe.

Waving from afar.

Our Irish Coordinator leads the way up to the Hill of Tara.

We take a moment to offer our gratitude to the nation of Ireland for the beautiful experiences we have had over the last few days. The coronation stone we stand at is called The Lia Fail or Stone of Destiny and has rested here down the ages. In prehistory and historic times 142 Kings are said to have reigned in the name of Tara.

Sitting under the mystical fairy tree at Tara..

Anita is making the most of her last day on the Irish leg of the Peace Run. She is going back to Portugal to help with preparations for the finally of the European Run on October 8th.

A lone runner on the hill.

In Dublin City Centre that evening we have a very special Peace Run event in the workshop space at Gandharva Loka Music Store. We honor three special guests with the Peace Run Torch Bearer award.

Gianluca, Pierre and Sadanand sing two Peace songs composed by Sri Chinmoy.

The first recipient of the Torch Bearer award is Martina Kenny. Martina founded the charity 'My Lovely Horse Rescue' that looks after over 300 neglected and malnourished horses. For countless years she has been offering her time and energy for the cause of animal welfare and animal rights. She and her sister continue to work tirelessly for this noble cause.

We offer the next Torch Bearer award to Chris Maher who founded the Musical Youth Foundation in 2009. This is a wonderful charity that seeks to provide every child on the Island of Ireland with access to a musical education and equal opportunity to have the truly life changing experience that learning an instrument can provide. Chris and his team have truely changed countless lives over the years with the magic of musical education and creativity.

Ciaran Duffy is a humble man who is improving the lives of countless young girls across Dublin. Ciaran noticed that many young girls in Dublin did not have access to sport as a means of fun, fitness and friendship. Ciaran set up the organisation 'Fun Direction' which improves opportunities for young girls from disadvantaged areas to experience and participate in sport in their own community. Ciaran brought his daughter along who happily accepted the Torch Bearer award on behalf of her Dad.

The Torch Bearer recipeints all together.

Ciaran and his team of fantastic coaches from the USA and Germany.

A little surprise at the end; Chris is gifted with a lovely blue guitar from Gandharva Loka Music Store to the Musical Youth Foundation. It will find a wonderful home.

Our local Peace runners all together and full of bright smiles.

Torch carried by
Amalendu Edelsten (Australia), Anita Costa (Portugal), Anita Ramljak (Croatia), Anubha Baird (Australia), Banshidhar Medeiros (United States), Colm Magee (Ireland), Daniel Ignovski (North Macedonia), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Drishalu Grunstaudl (Austria), Goga Petrovcic (Croatia), Mandra Laing (New Zealand), Mena Seguy (France), Olivia Lopez (Mexico), Paramanyu Lebedev (Russia), Paula Flood (Ireland), Pierre Lantuas (France), Tomaz Pivec (Slovenia).  
Paramanyu Lebedev
The torch has travelled 103.0 km from Cavan to Dublin.

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