Jan. 22, 2016 Live from the road

Karnataka, Kinnigoli - Karnataka, Dharmasthala

Reported by Atul Arora

The next morning at Kinnigoli was calm and serene.

Last night we stayed at the Shri Shaktidarshan Yogashram at Kinnigoli. This place is dedicated to Meditation and activities related to Yoga. It is purely run on voluntany basis.

Here we had the oppotunity to meet Shri Devadas Ji, known as Devababa. Devbaba is the founder leader of this ashram. Devababa talked to us about his earlier meetings with Sri Chinmoy and admired his achievements towards bringing Peace in this world.

Sri Chinmoy (founder of the Peace Run) is a close friend and a great admirer of Devaba. You can spot his picture in this poster.

This ashram is also known to provide shelter to the abandoned cows. It is also known to house a very rare breed of Cows known as 'Kapila'. In Ayurveda (Indian system of medicine) the milk from this cow is known to have theraputic qualities.

Cows in the ashram were very juvenile...

but very calm and peaceful.

Looks like Ashok does not know that cows dont feed on torches.

The staff at the ashram lovingly prepared yummy breakfast for us, including Kapila cow's milk.

We also met one of the Peace Runner from Serbia who was visiting the ashram.

We spend most of our time at the ashram and few moments of self reflection.

... in this scenic beauty.

Late evening, we reached an Indian temple town known as Dharmasthala. This place known for its temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Jain faith. We stayed here for the night and had scared meals known as Prasad for free of charge.

Torch carried by
Ashok Parulekar (India), Devarupi Buczkowska (Poland), Mena Seguy (France).  
Ashok Parulekar, Devarupi Buczkowska, Mena Seguy

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