India 24 January: Karnataka, Bangaluru

Peace Run India - Karnataka

The morning at Banaluru greeted us with brightness and colour. Last night we stayed stayed at Ashok's younger brother Mr. Rajan Parulekar' s house.

They offered us scrumptous Indian breakfast...

...prepared with Indian love.

Mr. Rajan's family organised a Peace Run meeting at a local theatrical competition event at the Maharashtra Mandal Bangaluru (an association of Marathi speaking people in Bangaluru). During the break we were given the opportunity to do our presentation.

The torch was held by the theater president Suhas Chalake.

Later other members also held the torch.

and we occupied ourselves with some treats.

'Gol Gappa' a favourite Indian snack among kids.

Mena was caught red handed in trying to trade Peace Run torch for a candy.

We were very greatful to Mr. Rajan and his family in looking after us and the event.

In the evening we visited Former Indian Ambassador Mr. Pascal Alan Nazareth and his family at their residence In Bangaluru.

Mr. Nazareth's has written a book on Mahatma Gandhi - ‘Gandhi’s Outstanding Leadership’ - that was published in March 2006. Since then it has come out in 11 Indian languages and many other international languages. On October 9, 2007 Mr. Nazareth was presented the U Thant Peace Award by the Peace Run founder, Sri Chinmoy at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA. He is now authoring a book on Sri Chinmoy.

Mr Nazareth's son, Adndy, was also excited to hold the Peace Run torch. A short day meeting with some great personalities.