Italy 19 March: Rome - Rieti

Caput Mundi receives the Peace Torch

Caput Mundi - the Head of the World - receives the Peace Torch! Our team returned to Campidoglio, the City Hall of Rome.

The she-wolf who nurrished Romolus and Remus, the founders of Rome.

The city hall is guarded by a statue of Marcus Aurelius

..a red carpet...

The guards took a group picture with the torch

The city hall was built on top of the former Senate of Rome...

...and Julius Caesar is presiding over the assembly hall.

Almost everything in Rome is more than 2000 yaers old...

On. Mirko Coratti, the President of the City council, welcomed the international team.

We handed the torch over to the City of Rome.

We received nice gifts from the city: an annual medal to honor the founding date of Rome: 753 B.C.!

..a few symbolic steps to the balcony of the city hall...

..after the meeting we were invited for a tour through the ancient building:

A very special table: here has been signed the independance of Italy. the footsteps of Garibaldi....

..the tour continued...

Michelangelo Buonarotti

on the top of the world!

What a view! This place is not open for the public. An amazing sight of the Forum Romanum, the ancient centre of Rome

..deep in the building...

a group shot with the Carabinieri, the Italian police.

...and back down into the city...

...long km uphill to Rieti. Slowly we approached the mountains...

A meeting with a group of childen at the church-community centre in Rieti.

Peace can be felt in the heart by young...

...and old.

Thank you for the nice welcome!

We went to our accommodation for the night: the Franciscan Monastery near Rieti. Francesco di Assisi spent a long time here and wrote down the rules - la regula - of his Order.

You can feel everywhere the unique, peaceful atmosphere that is typical for Franciscan Monasteries

One of the monks gave us a tour around the monastery and told us fascinating stories about the history of Francesco.

...the bones of many monks lie behind these walls and according to our guide they smile at us...

Francesco di Assisi

a small chapel...

Santa Clara

A cave where Francesco used to pray and rest.

The rules of the order - la regula

We went back to Rieti for our dinner.

Our new friends of the community cooked for us. When Italians cook you better bring an empty stomache. There is lots to fill it! Thank you for the graet meal!

After the dinner we gave a presentation about the life of a Peace Runner to local members of the "Azione Cattolica".

Thank you Don Fabrizio for organising the great event!

One of the school teachers painted an amazing picture about the Peace Run in Rieti.

Thank you everybody for this perfect day!