Italy 21 Maggio: Laveno - Paderno d'Adda

The Eagle Has Landed

Laveno sits on a lake and in the distance you can see the mountains that divide Italy and Switzerland

A strong Peace Run team prepare for the assent up Sasso del Ferro mountain

Holding the torch is world champion runner Alessandro Rambaldini - he will lead the runners up the mountain trail

Those who aren't running up the mountain take the open air cable car

The runners reach the summit

The torch is handed over to Paragliding World Champion Christian Ciech (middle)

Christian prepares to fly the torch off the mountain

Off off and away under a blue sky

A breath taking view from the sky

Christina Ciech flies in to the ceremony in the field below

And returns the torch to Alessandro

Alessandro Rambaldini

Vittorio organised everything for this event. He himself was a champion runner

The Mayor of Laveno receives a Certificate from the Peace runners

Christian Ciech is awarded the Torch Bearer award

Alessandro also receives the Torch Bearer Award

Vittorio is the third recipient

The Peace Run receives a copy of Vittorio's book