Italy 15 Marzo: Fermo

Builders of Peace!

Piccoli costruttori di pace crescono (a Fermo)!

Welcome to Italy! Our first day in Italy for the 2018 edition of the Peace Run. The recent snowfalls are still very present on the Appennini just behind Fermo, our first city.

A cheerful welcome by the students of the "Sapienza" primary school in Fermo! This nice school in the middle of the historical old town of embraced us with all its warmth.

The kids showed us the research they did on "Builders of Peace". The school is currently working on a project where the students have to identify what are the characteristics of a person that strives to build peace, and then they showed us some examples of known global figure that were fitting in the role of "Peace Builders", like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and many more.

...and finally passing of the torch!

Our heartfelt gratitude to the teacher Paola Ferri for making this meeting possible. She is the driving force behind many of the peace project and initiatives that the school undertakes to introduce to the younger generation to topics such as understanding, peace and respect.

And as we say hello to the students of the 4th and 5th grade...

...we start discussing the theme of peace together with the younger students from the 1st and 2nd grade. One question was most interesting: "To build peace, what PIECES do you have to use?"
We answered together with their help: love, harmony, friendship, silence, sympathy and many more!

While we were about to leave the school, we met the Sport Deputy Mayor Alberto Scarfino together with players Tommaso Equizi, Luca Cognigni and Giorgio Capece from the local soccer team "Fermana".
Together they are embarked on a project called "Il calcio e le ore di lezione", which means "Soccer and the school hours". In their effort they visit schools to introduce the younger ones to the importance of non-violence, captainship, integration and fair play in sports as well as in life.
Who believes in coincidence? Good luck in your mission

Players from "Fermana"

...are you guys new around here?