Italy 18 Marzo: San Marino - Marzabotto

A visit to Marzabotto and its history.

Friends on the road...

Making our way to Bologna.

In Marzabotto we received a warm welcome! Luca Lolli (right) was the main organizer behind the Peace Run stop over in Marzabotto.

One of the italian favourites, table soccer!

We were running along Parco Peppino Impastato, simbolically dedicated to a victim of crime.

Luca in action!

The Vicemayor of Marzabotto, Valentina Cuppi, welcomes the torch in the monument dedicated to the massacre that took place in Marzabotto during World War II.

We sang the Peace Run song inside the monument

A gift from the town. Thank you Marzabotto for the heartfelt welcome, we hope to come back soon!