Gen. 25, 2022 Live from the road


Reported by Subimal Alfredo De Joannon

We are very pleased and honoured to have a new “international peace friend” in Rome: H.E. Mr. Md. Shameem Ahsan, Ambassador of the People's Republic of Bangladesh in Rome.

The meeting took place in the Embassy and due to pandemic safety protocols, we limited the number of participants.

H.E. Mr. Md. Shameem Ahsan assumed charges at the Embassy of Bangladesh to Italy on 21 November 2020. He is also the Permanent Representative to FAO, IFAD, and WFP Rome.

Prior to his present assignment, he served as the High Commissioner of Bangladesh to Nigeria with concurrent accreditation to Angola, Gambia, Liberia, and Republic of Congo. He earlier served as Consul General of Bangladesh in New York.

H.E. Mr. Md. Shameem Ahsan is a long-time friend of the Peace Run. H.E. came to know our organization at the time he served at Bangladesh Missions in Washington DC (Minister & Deputy Chief of Mission, September 2008- February 2011 and since then H.E. participated in many events organized by Peace Run.

He is very passionate about Peace and as well about the environment and sustainability.

We had a deep conversation and we introduced him to the latest Peace Run projects we are currently working on in Italy with a perspective to involve schools from Bangladesh as well.

Offering to H.E. Mr. Md. Shameem Ahsan a Peace Run T-Shirt

Offering to H.E. Mr. Md. Shameem Ahsan a book “Listen to Nature”, an anthology of writings of the Peace Run founder Sri Chinmoy about nature.

Receiving a gift from H.E. Mr. Md. Shameem Ahsan, a high-quality green tea with sustainable and renewable packaging in jute. Bangladesh is the number one producer of jute in the world.

Torch carried by
Subimal Alfredo De Joannon (Italy).  

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