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San Giovanni in Fiore - Rossano

Reported by Subimal Alfredo De Joannon 50.0 km

The Torch arrives at San Giovanni in Fiore

The second day of the "Calabria Land of Peace and Fraternity" Program, promoted by the Municipality of Tarsia in collaboration with Colors for Peace, featuring the participation of Peace Run and Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italy, witnessed the Peace Torch departing from San Giovanni in Fiore, the city of Gioacchino da Fiore, a man of peace. Mayor Rosaria Succurro, alongside Councilor Antonio Martino, warmly welcomed the Peace Torch and reaffirmed her support by signing the pact. The event featured speeches by Adriana Grispo, Program Coordinator; Mario Gallo from Colors for Peace; Valentina Pagliai from RFK Italy; Alfredo De Joannon from Peace Run; and Roberto Cannizzaro from the Municipality of Tarsia.

Visiting Longobucco

CALABRIA: the second leg of our journey led us, after traversing the enchanting scenery of the Sila Mountains, to Longobucco. Here, Mayor Giovanni Pirillo, representing the municipality nestled within the Sila National Park, welcomed the Peace Torch, joined by Mayors from the Trionto Valley: Alfonso Benevento, Mayor of Bocchigliero; Umberto Mazza, Mayor of Caloveto; Luigi Lettieri, Mayor of Cropalati; and Stefano Graziano, Mayor of Paludi. In the museum, in the presence of a diverse audience of both young and old, they all reaffirmed their support for the program by signing the Peace Pact for Calabria.

Speakers at the event included Adriana Grispo, Program Coordinator; Mario Gallo, Secretary to the Presidency of Colors for Peace; Valentina Pagliai, Head of Educational Projects at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italy; Alfredo De Joannon, President of Peace Run Italy; and Roberto Cannizzaro, Councilor for the Municipality of Tarsia.

About Longobucco In the heart of Calabria's Sila National Park, the tranquil town of Longobucco recently hosted a vibrant peace event, highlighting its rich heritage and natural beauty. Longobucco, a medieval town, is known for its ancient craftsmanship in carpet and blanket production. Nestled in Sila Greca, it's the third-largest in Calabria and part of the Sila National Park, boasting diverse flora and fauna. Longobucco's origins may date back to Magna Graecia, possibly as the ancient city of Temesa. Silver mines along the Manna River hint at its historical significance, honored by a historical-naturalistic path, "Le Via delle Miniere." Longobucco excels in food and wine, and cultural explorations. It's renowned for preserving traditional hand-loom fabric production. The Parilla Motorcycle Section Museum, founded by Giovanni Parilla, showcased the evolution of Parilla motorcycles and celebrated legends like Enzo and Dino Ferrari, Juan Manuel Fangio, Ascari, Ayrton Senna da Silva, Iarno Trully, and Go-Kart-Parilla, demonstrating the power of dreams.

A Profound Day of Peace and Heritage at Rossano Cathedral and Diocesan Museum

The second day of our inspiring peace event unfolded against the backdrop of the magnificent Rossano Cathedral and the Diocesan Museum, home to the UNESCO heritage treasure, the Codex Purpureo Rossanensis.

The Peace Torch, symbolizing unity and harmony, was warmly received by dignitaries and esteemed figures in the presence of H.E. Monsignor Aloise, Bishop of Rossano Cariati, Don Pino Straface, Don Pietro Madeo, and Don Pino Madeo from the Curia. Alessia Alboresi, Councilor for Social Policies, Culture, and Gender Policies of the Municipality of Corigliano Rossano, graced the occasion. This day was marked by an outpouring of artistic expressions from various associations and children, who greeted the participants with captivating works of art, intricate drawings, and graceful dances.

Prominent Speakers Inspire The event featured notable speakers who shared their wisdom and insights: - Adriana Grispo\, Program Coordinator\, delivered an address that resonated with the essence of the event\, emphasizing the importance of unity and peace. - Mario Gallo\, Secretary to the Colors for Peace Presidency\, underlined the significance of fostering harmony in our world. - Valentina Pagliai\, representing Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italy\, inspired attendees with a call to uphold human rights and justice. - Alfredo De Joannon\, a representative from Peace Run Italy\, spoke passionately about the transformative power of peace initiatives. - Roberto Cannizzaro\, Councilor of the Municipality of Tarsia\, offered perspectives on the role of local governments in promoting peace and unity.

As the torch of Peace continued to illuminate hearts and minds, this day served as a poignant reminder of the potential for unity and harmony, even in a diverse and complex world. Rossano Cathedral and the Diocesan Museum, with their historic significance, provided a fitting backdrop for this celebration of peace and heritage.

The Enigmatic Rossanese Purple Code is a Greek gospel book shrouded in mystery. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015, its origins remain uncertain, adding to its enigmatic allure. Scholars speculate that this Codex, believed to date from the 4th to 7th centuries AD, with the 6th century being the likeliest period, may have hailed from Syria, particularly Antioch. The journey of the Rossanese Purple Code to Rossano itself remains a mystery. Did it arrive with monks or through a member of Byzantium's imperial family, who briefly established Rossano as the seat of their Italian holdings? Among the 400 parchment sheets, 188 have withstood the passage of time. Intriguing and captivating, the Rossanese Purple Code continues to bewitch historians and visitors alike, a testament to the timeless allure of the unknown and the enduring mystique of history's enigmas.

Torch carried by
Mahiya Lindner (Germany), Matteo Lotti (Italy), Subimal Alfredo De Joannon (Italy), Sumandala Cenni (Italy).  
Matteo Lotti, Subimal Alfredo De Joannon, Sumandala Cenni
The torch has travelled 50.0 km from San Giovanni in Fiore to Rossano.

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