juin 15, 2024 Live from the road

Klamath, CA - Talent, OR

Reported by Harita Davies

We were delighted with our stay at Holiday Inn Express in Klamath. Amanda, the hotel manager was very touched to get to know our activities and she encouraged us to visit again soon.

Thank you very much for supporting us wholeheartedly Holiday Inn Express!

The men's team stayed at the beautiful River Front Chinook RV Resort. A great stay their smiley faces say!

On our way north we are left breathless by the stunning scenery!

Harita jumps in the Smith River, one of the cleanest rivers in America!

Egi and Roxana join her in this special river. And the water is not too cold!

Leslie Norton, the Six Rivers National Forest Ranger, comes by to clean the beach and is very happy to get to hear about the Peace Run.

The ranger holds the Peace Torch and makes a wish for peace.

Bye bye California! Oregon welcomes us with this beautiful sign.

Today we continued a long tradition by paying a very special visit to the home of our dear friends, Bhavatarini and Mahasamrat Pearl. Mahasamrat sadly passed recently, but we could strongly feel his great and good presence.  A peace plaque welcomed us upon arrival.

Three deers welcome us too!

Bhavatarini loves animals, and they love her! We had such a nice time feeding and being charmed by the resident deer!

We could smell the fragrant lavender in the garden.

We visited Mahasamrat and Bhavatarini's legendary gym, where we could admire many pictures of the two of them with the Sri Chinmoy. Sri Chinmoy had great love for them both!

Mahasamrat Bill Pearl received many awards from Sri Chinmoy, which he treasured dearly, displaying them in the gym, where many champions trained and where a community of friends and fitness lovers continue to train.

A moment of peace, feeling the special power of the gym.

We go back in time appreciating Mahasamrat's incredible car collection.

A delicious feast has been prepared for us by Bhavatarini, her daughter Renee, her sister Paula, her friends Margaret, Claire and Cece!

Dear friends! From left to right: Claire, Paula, Bhavatarini, Margaret and Cece.

The best lunch ever for our hungry peace runners!

Delicious peace dove cookies sent from New York by our good friend, Aranyani.

Thank you Aranyani, they were so especially delicious!

Enjoying the deeply peaceful and beautiful garden.

Bhavatarini proudly showed us this metal sculpture of John Oliver and the 2023 New Zealand Bird of the Century winner, the Puteketeke.

On his "Last Week Tonight" show, John Oliver became the campaign manager for the Puteketeke and his worldwide campaign brought this previously little known endangered endemic bird great fame. Harita from New Zealand was delighted to see Bhavatarini had supported the campaign!

It's time for Sweet Pea and Rose to eat. They are two 90 years plus very special tortoises!

Egi helps Rose to eat since she cannot see very well due to her eye cataract.

This little waterfall delights our senses and brings a very peaceful atmosphere all around.

Our well fed Peace Run team is now sharing what this special run means to them.

Bhavatarini blessing our torch!

Cece is deeply touched by holding the Peace Torch.

Claire proudly holds the Peace Torch!

Margaret holds the Peace Torch with a childlike heart.

Bhavatarini's lovely sister, Paula!

The deer becomes our friend. Arpan is offering him some delicious peanuts!

Bhavatarini feeds the turkeys.

Arpan and a new little neighbor friend!

Gabriele, from Italy, delights us with a song composed by Sri Chinmoy.

Gifts from the Navajo Nation and the town of Harmony to thank Bhavatarini for her incredible hospitality!

Such amazing hearts you all are! Thank you for cooking for us, hosting us, and putting heart and soul into making this such a special day for us all!

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Torch carried by
Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Erdenetsetseg Gankhuu (Mongolia), Gabriele Settimi (Italy), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Natabara Rollosson (United States), Papaha Gosline (United States), Pransukh Marks (United States), Roxana Magdici (Romania), Salil Wilson (Australia), Udita Laboni (Bangladesh), Varunavi Glabnikova (Slovakia), Varunavi Klabnikova (Switzerland), Virangini Afzal (United States).  
Erdenetsetseg Gankhuu, Gabriele Settimi, Harita Davies, Natabara Rollosson, Papaha Gosline, Virangini Afzal

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