juin 22, 2024 Live from the road

Seattle, WA

Reported by Hastakamala Diaz, Oliveria Lopez 3.0 mi

We started our day at spectacular Green Lake.

Sri Chinmoy visited Green lake in 1996. Here we are gathering and finding out which direction he ran in.

Natabara has Agraha on the phone reminiscing the experience. He told us how much Sri Chinmoy enjoyed Green Lake and remarked that it was safe to go any time of day.

So Anti-Clockwise we go!

Along the trail we met Micheal an enthusiastic friend who was inspired to run with us. Back in 1994 he held and ran with an Olympic torch when the Olympics came to Atlanta. The torch now adorns his living room. Thank you Micheal for your uplifting memories.

Samahita takes the flame.

We stopped to look at some storyboards on the history of the lake. We learned about many water sport fairs and famous faces that had visited.

Enjoying the scenery.

Nirnaya makes a wish for peace.

Family life on the lake. Goose.



When Sri Chinmoy visited he took a moment to sit on this bench.

In 1994 the area was dedicated as Sri Chinmoy Peace Grove. Beautiful sheltering trees were planted behind the bench.

Here we take a moment to appreciate the grove.

Olivia is a lover of nature.

Hello Roxanna.

These kids are selling sweets to raise money for a rotary run that they are organizing. Very inspiring. We stopped to buy some snacks.

Big smiles!

Radwan from LML Repair gave us some excellent cell phone advice for our troubled phone. Thank you for your support!

Knocked out from the Green Lake 3 mile loop!

Our friend Brian treated us to a scrumptious Mexican meal. Thank you Brian.

For the the Colors of Peace the students of North Beach Elementary School Joined the Peace Run with their beautiful artwork for peace. Kids gave 350 pieces of art to join the Collection under the guidance of Izabela Gabrielson. Her dedication to expanding the hearts and minds of youth through art is immortal. Thank you students and Izabela for your contribution.

The art works are displayed at the Diamond Marina.

Rupasi and friends setting up the display.

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Thank you Seattle Centre for taking such good care of the team during our visit. We deeply appreciate your oneness and sweetness. Here is Nandita the great holding a Certificate of Appreciation, and above the delicious and famous Seattle Chocolate, all in a cute ferry boat.

Torch carried by
Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Daulot Fountain (United States), Devendra Cheatham (United States), Erdenetsetseg Gankhuu (Mongolia), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Hastakamala Diaz (Australia), Mahasatya Janczak (Poland), Natabara Rollosson (United States), Nayaja Perugini (Italy), Nirnaya Miljacic (Serbia), Oliveria Lopez (Mexico), Pransukh Marks (United States), Roxana Magdici (Romania), Rupasi Young (United States), Salil Wilson (Australia), Samahita Bender (Germany), Varunavi Klabníková (Slovakia), Virangini Afzal (United States).  
Erdenetsetseg Gankhuu, Rupasi Young
The torch has travelled 3.0 mi in Seattle, WA.

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