North Macedonia 11 March: Debar - Struga

Sunny Sunday

In Debar we meet students outside the Municipality building.

The students try to guess where our Czech runner is from.

The students enthusiastically lead us on a run through Debar.

Zuzka heads for the hills.

Ekalabhya from Skopje leads the Peace Run into Vevchani.

Children are waiting for us.

The run into Vevchani is up up uphill!

In the town centre we present the Peace Run.

These students are from Strasho Pinjur School.

The Mayor of Vevchani receives the torch.

These ladies are from Denmark.

Everybody wants to hold the torch!

These children accompany us on a tour of the famous Springs in Vevchani.

This area is cool all year round - the water is 7 Celsius.

The Mayor is our guide.

Entering Struga, a town on Lake Ochrid, children from various schools greet us.

Representatives from the Municipality hold the torch.

Running out of Lake Ochrid!