अक्टुवर 16, 2014 Live from the road

Kathmandu - Lalitpur

Reported by Harita Davies 5.0 km

The 2014 Nepal Peace Run was officially inaugurated by the Right Honorable President, Dr. Ram Baran Yadav. Our team was welcomed to the Presidential Offices where we were deeply honoured to have the opportunity to present The Peace Run to the President.
We presented President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav with the Torch-Bearer Award for his ongoing political and social dedication to cultivating and maintaining peace and harmony between the people of Nepal.

The Presidents niece and Member of Parliament, Kiran Yadav, was also presented with the Torch-Bearer award for her tireless work for Nepalese women, the welfare of Madheshi people, and bringing together radical groups of her constituency in the name of peace.

We sang the Peace Run song and a song Sri Chinmoy wrote especially for Nepal.
The President then offered our team a beautiful speech highlighting the special centuries long connection and commitment Nepal has to peace.
We were all served tea and cookies, which the President insisted we partake in. He then spoke informally, and showed a special interest in our international runners, noting the special connection Nepal has with New Zealand because Tenzing Sherpa from Nepal and Edmund Hillary from New Zealand were the first people to reach the top of Mount Everest.

Our meeting was short but heart felt, and we were all sad to leave. The Right Honorable President, Dr. Ram Baran Yadav was extremely encouraging of the Peace Run and Sri Chinmoy's vision for a oneness-world family. What a wonderful beginning to our Nepal Peace Run!

Our team outside the Presidential Offices preparing to start running. We were especially happy to be joined by our frend Lakhphuti Sherpa, pictured centre. She is the executive director of the Mountain Climbing Academy, the author of a new book entitled '40 years in the mountains', and a long time champion for the cause of women's mountain climbing.

The run begins!

We were very grateful to be joined by two Nepalese representative athletes, Dinesh Maharjian and Mahendra Bajracharya who are both marathon and ultramarathon runners.

We ran through the streets of Kathmandu towards our first school of the day, Kaasthamandap Vidyala.

As we got close to our destination, student runners were waiting to join us and carry the torch to the school.

Running past a few hot chillis!

New friends along the way.

The children were great runners, and we were thrilled to have them join us.

This girl gave a heart felt speech welcoming all the runners in the name of peace.

After being officially welcomed by the school with the Nepali tradition of offering a Khata to each team member, Harita from New Zealand spoke about the Peace Run.

The Nepal Peace Run Team did a wonderful job of organising all the events and were very enthusiastic participants in the ceremonies. Sweta, pictured on the far left, joined the North American Peace Run this year for the first time. Pictured beside her is Mamta, then Krishna and Thakur.

The children sang the Nepalese National Anthem, which was most soul-stirring and beautiful.

Several children read out beautiful poems they had written on the theme of peace and harmony.

Local Peace Runners Gurudatta and Pramod hold the banner.

Some of the children's artwork was displayed for us all to enjoy.

Sunita proudly watches on.

Prerana and Shivani hold the torch for Peace. Shivani came especially from India, where she presently lives, just in time to be part of the Peace Run.

Running with the torch is always fun! Children are pictured here with Gautami from Slovakia.

What a great team!

Running to our next destination, Adarsha Vidya Mandir School.

We were surprised and thrilled that at least 700 children were waiting for the team by lining the entrance to the school, waving Nepalese flags and enthusiastically welcoming us!

The principal of the school, Sujeeta Manandhar, generously welcomed the special guests by offering them a bouquet of flowers.

Harita introduced the run to the hundreds of enthusiastic children.

Skits demonstrating peace and harmony were enjoyed by all.

Singing the Peace Run song composed by Sri Chinmoy.


Passing the torch is always a very popular activity!

Suman presents the School Principal, Sujeeta Manandhar, with our Certificate of Appreciation. She very gracefully received it, and offered her encouragement for our journey.

The teachers at this school all wear beautiful matching saris as their uniform. Pictured on the far right is Sweta's sister, Shreenita, who was instrumental in inviting the Peace Run to Adarsha Vidya Mandir School, and welcomed us with great enthusiasm.

Thank you to all the staff at Adarsha Vidya Mandir School for a wonderful experience. Thank you also to the many people who helped to make this day so memorable, what a perfect end to a spectacular opening day for the 2014 Nepal Peace Run!

May peace-dreamers
And peace-lovers
Occupy the length and breadth
Of the world.

-Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part 12, Agni Press, 1999

Torch carried by
Babita Kushwaha (Nepal), Gaurav Singh (Nepal), Gautami Sýkorová (Slovakia), Guru Datta Mandal (Nepal), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Jitendra Singh KC (Nepal), Krishna Kushwaha (Nepal), Mamta Mehta (Nepal), Pramod Shah (Nepal), Prerana Mehta (Nepal), Rajendra Sharma (Nepal), Rambha Prajapati (Nepal), Shant Kumar Mehta (Nepal), Shivani Mishra (Nepal), Sujal Mehta (Nepal), Suman Mandal (Nepal), Sunita Mishra (Nepal), Sweta Pradhan (Nepal), Vijay Mishra (Nepal), Yam Narayan Shrestha (Nepal).  
Accompanied by  
Dinesh Maharjan, Mahendra Bajracharya
Harita Davies, Rajendra Sharma, Yam Narayan Shrestha
The torch has travelled 5.0 km from Kathmandu to Lalitpur.

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