Romania 10 September: Focsani - Buzau

many flat km's in the heat

We started the day at the District Council in Focsani.

The region's representative welcomed us kindly...

Thank you Focsani for the nice start!

...we went on and met runners from the "Clubul Sportiv Unirea Focsani".

Thank you for the happy meeting!

Golesti was next.

A small, but heartfelt meeting. Thank you Golesti!

...moving on...

The school in Dumbraveni awaited us eagerly: despite the fact that there are school holidays in Romania, it was quite amazing that so many kids turned up for the Peace Run!

...many smiling faces...

Libor received a nice gift!

Thank you Dumbraveni for the enthusiasm!

In Ramnicu Sarat we were invited into the city hall.

The mayor took the torch...

A nice meeting in Ramnicu Sarat. Thanks a lot!

After the city hall a group of athlets joined in.

We left from the city hall in quite a tough pace...

Thank you Ramnicu Sarat for welcoming the Peace Run and for running with us!

Our female team members enjoyed their refreshments...

Posta Calnau city hall: a small, but heartfelt meeting!

The mayor also ran with us!

As we approached Buzau more athletes joined in. A scenic run through the city followed.

...the last km's to our accommodation. Thanks for the run. See you again tomorrow!