Iulie 13, 2022 Live from the road

Harsova - Braila

Reported by Sadanand Magee 108.0 km

A soulful start to a beautiful day.

We are greeted wholeheartedly by the Mayor of Giurgeni.

We send out our goodwill and wishes to the whole world.

Young and old look on.

The Mayor proudly holds the Peace torch high.

The magic moment when the Mayor and the team captain embrace. Sadanand had passed the test on the correct pronounciation of Giurgeni.

The special moment of holding the Peace torch.

A group photo with the Peace Run banner and the Giurgeni village banner.

Checking the route ahead on our 'electronic maps'.

A bewildered cow looks apon the torch bearer.

We pass many a cowherd and shepard.

Running through the remote wilderness with no buildings for miles.

But when we return to the main road we find an oasis of fresh fruit and vegtables.

The fruit vendor is so moved after learning about the Peace Run that she gives use many many melons for free. They will definitely keep us nourished and hydrated on the road ahead,

And we give her a gift of an artwork by Peace Run founder Sri Chinmoy.

Jovana has some time for playtime.

In Bertestii de Jos we meet a local sports group who will join on their bicycles for a few kilometers.

We play a few games with the boys before we run and cycle.

The full team.

...fullness of tomorrows sun!

Camera time!

The runners in front, the cycling kids behind.

A job well done.

In the afternoon we arrive at the village of Viziru.

We share a momont of serenity.

The Mayor of Viziru receives the Peace torch.

A wish upon the torch.

Enthusiasm in abundance from the Mayor, parents and children of Vizuru.

Running out of the town...

...some even in bare feet.

Our final stop is in Chiscani where a traditional welcome awaites us.

Enjoying the ceremonial bread of the village.

Hand on Heart.

The children have gathered in their traditional dress for a dance performance.

Adrian, our Romanian ultra-runner.

We are treated to dynamic performances of dance and traditional song by talanted performers.

Pure enjoyment.

And then we all gather.

Andrey meets the bread carrier.

She runs with us for a few meters.

Onwards we run to the City of Braila.

A big thanks to the local police for keeping us safe along the route today.

Torch carried by
Andrey Stefanov (Bulgaria), Florbela Paiva (Portugal), Gints Peleckis (Latvia), Gordana Petrovčić (Croatia), Ilija Djordjevic Arsic (Serbia), Jovana Milenković (Serbia), Mahiya Lindner (Germany), Oleksii Sykal (Ukraine), Plamen kolev (Bulgaria), Rachel Pina (Portugal), Romanian runners (Romania), Sadanand Magee (Ireland).  
Gints Peleckis, Gordana Petrovčić
The torch has travelled 108.0 km from Harsova to Braila.

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